5 tricks to keep your wrinkles from disappearing

Q: “Where do wrinkles keep you from worrying?

“Answer:” Growing black people will not worry me!

“Oh, this is just a brain teaser.

If wrinkles don’t really grow on myself, it takes a lot of work.

Below, I will introduce 5 massage methods. Although it is a bit troublesome, it can be worthwhile to get a face without wrinkles.

  1 Forehead wrinkle massage method In order to prevent and eliminate forehead wrinkles, you can use the ribbed surface on the outside of the thumbs of both hands or the three or four finger abdomen to push from the midline of the forehead to multiple corner areas, or wipe in one direction.
When there are wrinkles, use a one-way wipe method to move forward from the root of the nose and the arch of the eyebrow, starting from the midline, and gradually apply to the upper and lower forehead angles.

Massage twice a day, morning and evening, every 15 minutes or so.

  2 One-point wrinkle removal method To prevent and eliminate wrinkles in the crotch, you can push or gently wipe from the nose with the ribs on the outside of the thumb toward the ears; the ear massage starts from the nostrils and the corners of the mouth, using the same method to wrinkle the sidesSwipe or push separately.

Massage yourself twice a day, morning and evening, every 15 minutes or so.

  3 Mandibular wrinkle massage method To prevent and eliminate the wrinkles of the jaw, you can use the finger soft method or finger buckle method (yong fingertips to lightly beat), starting from the midline of the jaw, gently soften the fingers or fingertips to the corner area; jawboneThe lower skin can also be massaged gently from the midline of the mandible to the back of the ear along the jawbone, or gently, and massaged once a day for about 15 minutes a day.

  4 Skin wrinkle massage method In order to eliminate wrinkles on the face and lower eyelids, remove wind and eyesight, and relieve liver and gall bladder, the following massage methods can be used: (1) The rib surface with both hands showing fingers is placed in Shuangsibai acupoint., Restore when exhaling.

Repeat 5-7 times.

  (2) Rhythm tapping Shuangsibai acupoint with double fingers, repeat 16 times.

  (3) Knead the double four acupoints with the ribbed surface of the double fingers, press them counterclockwise, 8 times each in the counterclockwise direction.

  5 The two hands of the forehead massage method are shown. In the middle, the ring fingers are naturally separated, and the fingertips are beaten on the forehead and the top of the head rhythmically, quickly and elastically, and beat like raindrops.

The movements of the two fingers should be coordinated and flexible, the speed should be the same, and the strength should be reduced from light to heavy.

Beat for about 1 minute.

This method can improve the blood circulation in the peripheral part of the head, make people qi and blood not fade, ruddy complexion, not easy to produce wrinkles, and promote hair loss regeneration.