Scolding education affects children’s mental health

Surveys show that nearly two-thirds of children have ever experienced domestic violence.

Of the 498 college students surveyed, 54% admitted that they had experienced parental corporal punishment at the elementary and middle school level; as high as 71.


The most common form of corporal punishment is that the parents beat their hands and feet, accounting for 88%. Violence through tools such as sticks, belts, hangers, etc. is 1.


In terms of the type of corporal punishment, insult accounted for 25.

28% and penalty kneeling accounted for 16.

36%, 13 penalty points.

38%, 4 were driven out by their parents.


Psychologists point out that the abuse of corporal punishment by parents during the growth of their children can cause many psychological problems for their children.

  Parents’ improper education methods depress children. “Repeat corporal punishment can cause many psychological problems.

“Xiao Feng, director of Beijing Huiyuan Psychological and Education Research Center, pointed out that children should be carefree, but now children are not happy.

A recent survey conducted by Shanghai TV News Channel and the Department of Psychology of East China Normal University found that 78% of the children who participated in the survey were unhappy.

  Director Xiao Feng’s analysis pointed out that parents’ incorrect education methods became the primary reason for children’s depression.

Every child has one of the following needs: first, parental love and care, not parental blame and scolding; second, being accepted and respected by others; third, being valued by others; fourthPoint, there are levels in the home, and abuse of corporal punishment will destroy these psychological needs of children.

  Psychologist studies have found that: fathers often hit their daughters will cause their daughters to lack self-esteem, self-love and self-confidence, and early love during puberty will cause their daughters to have poor mathematical performance; fathers often hit their sons, which will cause their sons to rebel and not to obeyNormative, or flinching, naive, total masculinity; mothers often hit their sons, which will cause the sons to lack self-confidence, frustration, doubt, and insecurity.

In other words, hitting a child cannot solve the problem, and it will cause new psychological problems.

  Abuse of corporal punishment can undermine the effect of punishment “Abusive corporal punishment can destroy the close relationship between parents and children.

“Xiao Feng said,” The relationship between parents and children is a relationship of equality and support.

Excessive corporal punishment will seriously damage the child’s self-esteem, and will also lose the parent’s prestige in the child’s mind, causing serious parent-child separation.

Xiao Feng specifically pointed out that corporal punishment not only makes children no longer willing to be close to their parents, but also fights too much, it will only create emotional separation between parents and children, and even severe confrontation, scolding, and beating.

  Xiao Feng believes that the abuse of corporal punishment will lose the effect of punishment.

Corporal punishment is the most severe form of punishment. If it is abused, the parents will easily slap or slap.

Children are used to hitting and getting used to it, and children have no fear of hitting.

Once the child loses his fear of fighting.

“Hit”, as a severe punishment method, has lost its deterrent power.

This is what we often hear in the daily life of some children muttering: “I fight every time, I just fight.”

A questionnaire survey in the United States shows that 40% of parents feel that their children’s performance is still the same after being scolded.

  Abuse of corporal punishment can’t really let children distinguish between right and wrong. Some foreign experts have analyzed the many consequences of corporal punishment of children since 1938 and tracked the short-term and long-term effects of spanking on children.

She believes that by spanking a child, you can allow the child to be obedient temporarily, but the problem is that the child is not particularly clear about what is right and what is wrong.

You should let your child know what should be done and what should not be done, instead of “what if I do, mother will spank .” otherwise, once the parents are not around, there is no threat of spanking,Children will not have the initiative to distinguish right from wrong.

  Abuse of corporal punishment will enable children to learn the wrong way of solving problems.

Beating a child is definitely not a good education method. It will only be a depression on the child’s personality, especially the child’s illusion: the weak must obey the strong, and violence can solve the problem, which is very bad.

Children often learn from their parents to “control violence with violence”, learn from the “beating experience”, and become violent.

A few days ago, a team of experts in the United States analyzed and investigated the cases of “spanking” in the past 60 years, and produced a case in which people who often suffered from “stubbing” in childhood are more likely to breed aggressiveness, anti-social behavior, and more likely to abuse their spouse.And children.

  The meaning of beating or using other methods to deal with or punish a child’s fault is not the result of the incident, but the cause and attitude of the incident.
The fundamental purpose and focus of criticism and punishment is to make children think about the incident itself, not how to avoid and avoid punishment.
When the child thinks more about the possible punishment, severity, etc., the less he or she cares about the incident itself, the lessons and lessons learned from the incident itself!

Because beating and scolding will only make the child no longer behave in front of you. You do n’t really correct it, but hide behind you, continue to be naughty and continue doing bad things where you ca n’t see;Learned to escape being beaten, but did not learn what is right and what is wrong.

  Director Xiao Feng definitely believes that parents’ expectation of educating their children through playing is definitely wrong.

Blind play will only cause children’s various mentalities and psychological deviations, and it will never achieve the effect of educating children.