“Oh!Director!Take a look at the Japanese plan!”Rui Rui put the new set of Arctic Star latent probably Director。
Wearing is a cold sweat after reading it.,If the devil is really implemented according to this plan,That loss will not be estimated,He asked:“Small nine,Are you getting this four group devil specialist??”
“Get it,Director,Tell you by truth,This plan is that near Weng Wenmo makes me planned.,All devils that implement this task are from the black planned,They all are China,I am hard to think of them in the pile.,This time, this opportunity is all removed.!This way, the black plan is not there.。”
“So, these specials are all, you all know?”Dai doesn’t know how to laugh,
“Director!I am their total command,This plan is responsible for my right.!I have already thought about how to remove them when I develop this plan.。”
“it is good!OK!Little nine is beautiful!This is handed over to you six brothers or four brothers.,Is there a surprise to me??”Wear a happy,It is also a fortunate decision to serve in Japan that year.。
Rui Rui said in detail the things of Thomas notes.,Then said:“Director,This Gal is German,We need to remove him。”
“Small nine,Our relationship with Germany is not bad.,If the German knows that he is not very good.。”Talk statement,
“I will kill him as Japanese special agent.。”Ritual,
“This idea is good,Where is the notes now??”
“Someone has sent to Chongqing。”Qi Rui knows that the film is, He Jian with the cold,If you know that you will come to Chongqing, you will not let them run this.。
“Do you know how to find them??”
“have no idea for now,I am in contact with the people who have followed the No. 5 agent group in Chongqing.。”
“5th Agent Group I know,How do you have contact with them??”Wear,
“They assassinate tailored,I have seen them.,So pay attention to them.,Later cooperated several times,Discover their actions,This time Thomas’ s things have a great effort。”
“Um,This time is really much thanks.,Small nine,At that time, I will take the notes back to me.,This is a good opportunity to show it to the United States.,Do you understand?”
It’s really surprises for wearing.,German,Japanese,Americans are fighting things,Even a US ingredient is killed,Value of this note,Now is the time to ask for various countries,If you can give this record to the principal,It is definitely a good job。
“I know,I will find a way to take the note of the note to give you。”
“Ha ha,Small nine,Now you are a small school,Immediately after Chongqing, you will immediately rise as a middle school.!”Dai Xiu’s promise,
“Thank you for cultivation!”
The car has opened to the entrance of the sanatorium,Xu Baichuan,Six brothers Zheng Yao will also have Tan Lin waiting to wait at the door.,Therefore, the loose and wearing conversations are also temporarily ending。
Wear Zheng Yao first got his car,Let Xu Baichuan have another car with Tan Lin,Then go directly to the airport of Changsha。
On the road, we have said that the Arctic Star and Thomas’ s things are told by Zheng Yao.,Happy six brothers:“Director,I will ask you this old brother.!?”
I walked, I couldn’t help but laugh.:“Old six!You said less,Give me ten armies don’t change,Old six,Polar Star Plan You are responsible for the completion of the small nine。”
Zheng Yao immediately shook his head:“Director,I applied for a small nine to Shanghai.,The plan of the Arctic Star is still handed over to the old four.。”
“You have to go to Shanghai to help Xiaojiu.?”
NS295chapter Xiaoxin, you are really too big.
From my heart, Zheng Yao is still not very secure.,His role and value are now more and more important,Similarly, his risk is getting bigger and bigger.,Plus now Wang Tianfeng is also in Shanghai,Don’t look at him strong,But it is also a bomb,If you can’t get it, you will fry it.。
“Director,Wang Tianfeng is a madman,He said that he will take anything for his purpose.,Xiao Jiu, you don’t change your tenants.,I have to protect him well.!”