Wang Youcai was taken aback,I just remembered。They are paid on the 15th of each month。Night is like two or three days,But this time it’s the end of the month,Why hasn’t he received a call to ask him to get his salary?。A little busy these days,He forgot about it。
“I almost forgot if you didn’t say it,I’ll call back and ask。Tell everyone,Let them work well,Salary is indispensable。Dongsheng Group is so big,I’m not paying them the money”Wang Youcai said,Haha smile,He turned and left。
Whose money is this owed,I can’t owe money to these farmers。Because he knows,People who come to work here,The conditions at home are very poor,Usually waiting for money。
As soon as he returned to the office,I immediately called Lu Xiuli。Because of their salary,From the group directly to Lu Xiuli,Then Lu Xiuli’s accountant will give it to him。
Lu Xiuli heard that Wang Youcai asked about salary,She said something vaguely, I don’t know。
Wang Youcai’s fire when he hears it,I immediately called Hu Huiru,One call,Wang Youcai said angrily to Hu Huiru:“President Hu!You ask everyone to work overtime to make the shipment,But last month’s salary has not been paid until today”
“what?Workers’ wages have not been paid?Didn’t you ask Lu Xiuli what happened??”Hu Huiru asked in surprise。
Wang Youcai said coldly:“asked,She said she didn’t know it either!”
“Nonsense,She doesn’t know who knows?Don’t worry about this,I will notify her,Ask people to send cash directly to your office in Chenzhuang。You quickly send it to everyone,What are you saying?”Hu Huiru said,Hung up。
Wang Youcai smiled,In fact, he knew。Hu Huiru must know this,Or Lu Xiuli didn’t dare to speak to him like this。
At lunch,Wang Youcai told everyone the good news。Everyone,All very happy。
Take this opportunity,Wang Youcai said with his throat:“Everyone work hard,This money must be indispensable。These two days have been a little harder,Finish off the list of 1,000 saplings on hand,Give a day off the day after tomorrow”
“One day is a little bit missing Boss Wang,We can’t go back if we want to go home!”An older worker said。What he said,Several people responded。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“One day is not enough,Can take a day off。You figure it out。Finish this list,Life is not tight,It’s okay for you to take one or two days off”