“Drive the car back,I dare not drive,Stop and be idle。”When I get home,Xiao Xiao said so。
“I won’t drive anymore?”Chen Wenjin asked。
Xiao Xiao hesitated,Shook his head and said:“do not know,have not thought。”
“Then stop,I can walk。”Chen Wenjin wants to get off,Xiao Xiao quickly called to him:“Let’s ride the motorcycle last time。”
“No more。”Chen Wenjin refused,Xiao Xiao just say:“How can I let you go so far out?”
“that、You drive me out of the community?”Chen Wenjin thought,Suddenly proposed。
Xiao Xiao was stunned,Immediately asked him helplessly:“You just wanted to force me to drive,Now this is forcing me again?”
“In fact, it’s the best way to get rid of the shadows after an accident.,I think the psychological shadow is left there,Even if you don’t drive, it’s a hidden danger。If you can eliminate,Then it doesn’t matter if you drive or not。Missed today,It will be much harder to completely eliminate it later。”Chen Wenjin didn’t want to force her,It’s that two friends in my memory were both affected by the shadow of the accident for a long time、long time,There is one who is scared even in the car。
Chen Wenjin’s future wife also used it when training,I was really scared at the time,Forced by him to drive for a while,Started very slowly and panic,But soon removed the shadow。And in fact,Procrastination will continuously magnify fear psychologically。
Xiao Xiao bit his lip,Thinking,She didn’t want to refuse Chen Wenjin’s kindness,But really scared,So try to ask:“Can’t you open it after I wait a few days??”
“In fact, the slower the more you dare,Time magnifies fear,Psychologically establish a chain of thinking that driving a car means that the accident will happen again。Actually you have experienced loss of control,Driving will pay more attention to safety。”Chen Wenjin tried to persuade。
“that、Let me try。”Xiao Xiao is still scared,But also want to summon the courage to overcome,Because she kept thinking about the accident just now,She doesn’t want to keep doing this。
“Face fear。”Chen Wenjin and Xiao Xiao changed positions,I feel nervous watching her sitting in the driving position,As if you just started training,Tight,It takes courage to even start。“Face fear,You have experienced things,But nothing happened。You are so smart,Will you learn a lesson to avoid driving out of control again??can you?”
“meeting!”Xiao Xiao answered yes,Go through that kind of thing,How can you not learn the lesson??
“Yes indeed!So you have no reason to be afraid of driving,Because you will learn your lesson,Will drive better,safer,No more serious danger。What else are you afraid of?Obviously the accident is over,Obviously what you get from the accident is progress,Is growth,Is a better driving mentality!”Chen Wenjin continued,Psychologically encourage Xiao Xiao,Give her the courage to start。