Simple 3 strokes to open the sweaty smell

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, I believe that too many people will have sweaty troubles. Although this is not a serious illness, it is very annoying, and even a bit difficult to talk about.

So, how do you open the smell of sweat?

  The quickest and most convenient way to use antiperspirants is to use off-the-shelf antiperspirant products, which can simultaneously act on both antiperspirant and bacterial growth, thereby inhibiting body odor.

In particular, antiperspirant products also offer a variety of fragrances for consumers to choose from.

So try the antiperspirant spray that is best for summer, enjoy the coolness of your arms every morning, and keep your day dry and fresh.

Before use, you can use a wet tissue to clean your arms and then spray an antiperspirant spray.

  After the bath is coated with talcum powder, you can take a talcum powder, because the talcum powder has water-absorbing molecules that help to absorb sweat.

However, the talcum powder is only recommended for home use. If you go out, you should be careful of the serious mark of white powder left on the skin.

  Alcohol plus ice water alcohol has the effect of evaporating water, and ice water can shrink pores. If it is found that the sweat is too strong under the arm, you can take four tablespoons of alcohol, add appropriate amount of ice water, and rub the cotton under the arm for several times.It can effectively remove sweat.

But if you are sensitive to alcohol or just getting rid of hair, don’t try it.

  Love sweating is sick? Sweating is a way to regulate body temperature and dissipate heat. It is a natural thing. Although it is normal for hot and sweaty, why do some people love sweating and eat it?Rice, how much will it be sweating when you do something?

  Sweating seems to be a natural thing, but some people are more sweaty, clothes are always salty, then you should think about whether you have a disease: diabetes is a kind of diabetes.

When the patient develops autonomic nervous tension, he sweats more.

This is due to the disorder of autoglycemia caused by disorders of glucose metabolism, resulting in increased secretion of sweat glands.

High blood sugar levels lead to increased metabolic rate and one of the causes of excessive sweating.

  A common symptom in patients with pheochromocytoma is paroxysmal sweating.

In a paroxysmal attack, the patient’s complexion is flushed or whitened, and there will be symptoms such as palpitation, hand tremors, cold limbs, elevated blood pressure and headache.

  Women with menopausal syndrome entering menopause, ovarian function gradually declines, there may be varying degrees of autonomic dysfunction, fistula systolic function disorders, resulting in hot flashes, sweating.

  Hyperthyroidism is caused by an increase in the metabolic rate of the patient and an increase in peripheral blood flow to promote heat dissipation.

  The blood calcium is low and the sympathetic nerve excitability is increased, which leads to an increase in sweat gland secretion.

The child also has irritability, irritability, and hair thinness.

  It can be seen that the excessive sweat can not be taken lightly, and should be treated promptly.

  A lot of sweating in the palm is also caused by emotional stress or elevated temperature, and there is no obvious reason. Some people will sweat a lot in the palm and other parts of the body. This disease is called hand sweating.

According to the recently published “English Journal of Chinese Medical Journal” (CMJ), is it expected that the incidence of hand sweating in adolescents is 6 years old?
More common in 16 years old, the incidence rate is about 4.


  Prof. Li Xu from the Department of Thoracic Surgery, the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, conducted a survey of 33,000 college and high school students in Fuzhou, Xiamen and Quanzhou. It was found that the incidence of adolescent hand sweating far exceeded the original expectation, among which severeThe onset of hand sweat syndrome is 0.

27%, 17.

9% of patients have a family history.

At present, there are the most cases of hand sweat in adolescents in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other coastal areas in the south of the Yangtze River, some of which are high-risk areas of hand sweating.

  Li Xu said that the sweating parts of the hand sweat include palms, arm sockets and soles. The main manifestations are sweating of the palms, sometimes accompanied by sweating under the soles and arms. Mild palms are wet, and severe palms can be used.It secretes sweat that is visible to the naked eye, even in the form of drops.

Patients with hand sweating often develop symptoms of hyperhidrosis from childhood or adolescence; because hand sweating interferes with manual operations and activities, patients avoid shaking hands with others, affecting interpersonal relationships, and are prone to worry.

  The survey showed that 50% of patients had insufficient self-confidence and 38% had frustration.

  Li Xu said that the pathogenesis of hand sweating is still unclear.

Most scholars believe that hand sweating is a complex autonomic nervous disorder. In theory, the pathogenesis of hand sweating is due to thoracic sympathetic hyperactivity.

Therefore, thoracic sympathectomy is the main method of treatment of hand sweat.