People’s Daily Network Tokyo May 21st (Wu Ying) According to Chao Sun, the Japanese Olympic Olympics (JOC), the Japanese Olympic Commission (JOC), the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC), the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC). In the context of the women’s Judao World Champion, the Shankou, in the context of the epidemic, many Japanese people have doubts about the continued Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee, the Japanese government, and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee are all kind.

The basis of building a harmonious society is to conduct a dialogue, and the Olympic Games who refuses to talk. In response to the judgment of the organizer, the mountain mouth believes that the coordination work with the relevant departments is complicated, and it will cause many troubles to all aspects, and Japan has missed the Olympics. And if you plan, you will have many adverse effects to Japan’s national life.

She referred to the current situation of Japan as "doing nothing (Tokyo Olympics) is hell."

The implementation period of the emergency state will once again extend the emergency state implemented in Tokyo, Osaka, which will be expired after 31 this month, but it is understood that most opinion inside the Japanese government once again extended its deadline.

The Japanese government-related persons revealed that because the current epidemic situation is grim, it is difficult to completely release. The Japanese government is still studying to extend the implementation period again or to implement key measures such as "prevention spread". It is reported that whether it will extend the emergency state, although it will not affect the Organization of the Tokyo, the idea of ??"allowing audience into the game" will be difficult to achieve.

Japanese Prime Minister Nabi said that the vaccination situation will be based on the vaccination of the vaccination and the impact on the economy, and finally determine whether or not to extend the implementation period next week. (Editor: Chen Jianjun, Sun Yu).