His name is Deng Qingming, 55 years old this year, is the only one in the first batch of active astronauts without performing flying tasks. 23 years ago, 14 pilots including him were screened by layers, strictly selected, and became the first batch of astronauts in my country. From the independent executive manned space flight task, Shenzhou 9, Shenzhou 10, Shenzhou 11, Shenzhou No. 12 … Deng Qingming’s selection of flight passengers with excellent performance, but always take the difference in tasting Wip with flying dreams. As a backup astronaut, he is nearing the space, but it is far away from the dream.

Despite this, Deng Qingming has always adhered to the completion of the same quantity, the same standard training, because in his eyes, "whether the primary or backup is the astronaut". More than 20 cold spring and autumn, the partners in the evening have been represented, and the will have never happened? In the face of the daughter, "Why do you always can’t get it on the sky, will you set off a wave? When you are taking your eyes, is it in the state? How much can’t be seen, how much it can’t think of, how much it can’t think of, Deng Qingming’s answer is: "Ning can be ready, it is never needed." As the "Reserve Team" on the battlefield, the main force ", Deng Qingming" would rather be a silent cornerstone, and it is not allowed to be in the number of rods.

"It is such a father, won the identity of the daughter who became a spaceman:" You are the most dedicated and selfless person "; it is such a colleague, I have been encouraged by the astronauts who came to themselves:" Old Deng, you have to work hard, don’t give up "; it is the Chinese Aerospace, winning a blessing from strange netizens:" You are silent and hard, it is already the hero in our hearts, pay tribute! " "On the journey of the star sea, we have Yang Liwei’s openout, and also the silence of Deng Qingming.

Perhaps, we have heard too much story, and even someone has a doubt. They don’t believe, there is really one thing in life, a dream, even if you have no reason, you can have no regrets; they don’t believe, I really have some people like dust, my heart, my mind; they don’t believe, they don’t believe, It is really a ladder to dedicate all the deceased in this country and the National Day. Just yesterday, we talked about the merits in the TV series "merit".

Yu Min, Zhang Fuxi, Huang Xuhua, Yuan Longping, Sun Jiandong … many people on this list, master the knowledge of the process of the era, have the ability to change the development of fate. I don’t know how to "start famous", nor is it more comfortable and more powerful choice, but they have no complaints under a poor two white, there is no exception, and there is no exception, and create an unparalleled career. Personally seize the personality. It is this group of "Looks like a silly person" to do "seemingly innocent", which has achieved the "one flying sky" of the national nation, and became your pride talking on you. "The cold and bitterness of the sky, the clear news of the state."

"This is a word that Deng Qingming hangs in the study. Every time the Shenzhou spacecraft returns to the cabin, it is a wonderful attention of the astronaut, but the welcoming team of Deng Qingming is only deliberately wearing red clothes. Wife and daughter. The Heroes in the eyes of the family, why not have the unknown hero in our hearts, "Your story we all know, your dedication should remember."

This is exactly: although there is no monk, there is no name of the hero.