Original title: Strengthening the Party Building Work in the Internet Enterprise and expanding the Party’s appeal and cohesiveness on September 21st in the emerging field, the Central Organization Department, the Central News Network Office held a symposium for the National Internet Enterprise Party Building in Shenzhen, and in-depth learning and implementation of China Characteristic socialist thinking, learning to implement the national organization work conference, national publicity ideology, national network security and information work conference spirit, exchange experience, analysis situation, research issues, and deployment of strengthening the party building work of Internet corporation. The meeting emphasized that we must carefully study the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on Strengthening the Party Construction Work of Internet Enterprises. Accurately grasp the profound impact of the convergence of Internet companies, fully understand the importance of the importance of the party construction work of Internet corporations, and resolutely implement new The total demand for the construction of the Times Party, with political construction as the leadership, continuously enhance the party organizations, and improve the overall level of the party building work in the Internet corporate.

  The meeting requires that it is necessary to highlight key points, and effectively improve the quality of the organization and work of the Internet corporate party, and do the full coverage of the whole coverage, the organization and work of the key park industry, and the work guidance is fully covered; highlighting political functions, and give full play to The party organization promotes the healthy development of enterprises, strengthens the fighting fortress in network governance; with the use of Internet technology advantages, give full play to party members’ pioneering models in the Internet; improve the combination of blocks, the institutional mechanism, strengthening work protection, and improve work Work style, high quality, do a good job in the implementation of various tasks of the Internet corporate party building.

  The meeting emphasized that all levels of Netcom Department must play functional roles to improve the construction of the network three-level management system, firmly establish a sense of business to grasp the party construction, establish and improve the work mechanism of the business to promote the party building, and actively explore the party construction. The method of promoting supervision, assumes the important responsibilities of coordinated the party building work of Internet corporation.

It is necessary to strengthen the political control of the Internet Enterprise Party Organization in the comprehensive management of network, consolidate Internet corporate management responsibilities, combine "administrative" and "managers" to guide companies to adhere to social benefits and economic benefits.

  Zhiyu, deputy director of the Central Organization Department, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The responsible comrades of the organization department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee introduced the party building work of Guangdong Internet Enterprise, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee Organization Department, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Wuhan Municipal Party Committee, Beijing Net Letter, Sina Weibo Party Committee, Hujiang Net Party Committee, etc. 6 units Exchange speech. During the meeting, the comrades of the participating meeting investigated the party construction work of Shenzhen Internet Enterprises. Deputy Minister of the Party Committee of the Provincial and Municipal Bureau of All provinces and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corporation (Secretary of the Second Work Committee), the director of the organizational department, the deputy director of the Nets Office, the relevant department, the Minister of Organization, Minister of the Provincial City Party Committee, Netition Office Director, part of the central unit’s responsible comrades, as well as part of the Party Organization for Party Organizations. (Reporter Liu Yun) (Editor: Xie Qian, Huang Wei).