“You hear no six hear”
Liao Jie opened the wine in front of,Flower whistle,I don’t know which country fake wine. Give the sky to a half cup This only said:“Tian Ge has just complained me,Said that you are all ordinary goods,I don’t have face.。”
“Brother,How can you say this??”
“that is,People are not so ugly.!”
Six little sister is more than I am happy in my heart.,Knowing the disabled clothes Atrium,They can take them a little means。
Yan Sheng Yue The old face is red,Pick up the wine and drink。
Wu Dehui and the sorrowful Then being sweet again Repeatedly jump And happy。
“I am very simple.,You make me face,I will let you have money.,You make me no face”
Liao Jie patted a small money on a few tables,Tease:“Kazi is not every day,Fierce competition,Some is people are willing to make money,Understand?”
Six little sister nodded,really,It’s really a lot of Kaizi, which is more than Liao Jie.。
“Well to wait,Who is his most satisfied?,Who is this eighty-eight million?。Others,Excuse me,Can only take the delivery fee,Look at your sister to make money。”
Liao Jie said,Six little sisters are over,The fastest two sitting on two thighs,soon,His two hands were tied into the arms,And then,The back of the back is also falling.。
“嘿嘿 嘿”
A generation of top masters,Six women who do not have skills that only skills are easy to uniform,Behind this,I don’t know that it is morality.,Still the distortion of human nature。
Liao Jieng open position,Alcohol,Start thinking。
Sudden,Around it is 嘿嘿,Wu Dehui and the sorrows of the face together。
“Million brother,Everyone is my own person.,Also help us call two?!”
“I am not greedy,Six too many,Two。”
“Yes,If you feel that,We have no problem in two points.。”
I think you are thinking!
Liao Jie over white eyes,Surrounded by Wu Dehui and,He is obedient.,Behind this,That is, it is morality,It is also a distortion of human nature。
Both people do not still,Push the shoulders of Liao Jie one left one right,It’s a good brother who eats bugs.,It is difficult to,There is also the same。
Liao Jie is arguing,Let them find managers,More than 100,000 pieces,And added two little sisters。
Never want to,Two little sisters listened to the sky worth 88,000,Stretched Wu Dehui and sight,The sky is then submerged by eight people.,The scene is very fierce。
“Don’t sure you too.,Continuing,Let you go to the wall room.。”
Liao Jie delivers the microphone:“Today you are responsible for singing,Performance fee of 10,000 to 100,000,How much can you earn?,Look at your skills。”
Inhibition of songs in the private room,Constantly,Running or doping。
Mobile phone sounds,Liao Jie out of the door to answer,Cheng Jing,Ask him how he is 12 o’clock, no home?
Back to Tang Judi。
It’s okay today.,One million investment,Don’t feed a few billion benefits,He doesn’t go。
and,The risk is too dangerous,No matter where it is a hidden danger,Also, some people will make him。
Mobile phone end,Liao Jie returns to the private room,Tianshi push the murder that blocks the line of sight,Ask:“Brother,Who is looking for you??”
“Not afraid of big brother jokes,Ben。”