In front of,There is also a headlight suddenly。
Liao Jie,Push the door to lean against the car,Static waiting。
“Mr. Liao,meet again。”
Strict laugh, I am getting off.,Reach Lu Liao Jie came over。
Stretch your hand,And this smiley man is very hard,Liao Jie does not dare to play Stretch and seriously hold it Frown:“Strict old,What is the matter? Why do you find someone to break my car? Don’t say that you can’t check my number.,I don’t believe。”
“Talk in the phone Where is it clear?。”
Strict smile does not change:“do not worry,There is no problem with the car Just your speed is too fast. My colleague can’t catch up.,So let it stop and take a break。”
“Good means,Special functions are really omnusable。”
Liao Jie is very envious,But he also knows Special features are natural Can’t envy,Even after later cultivation,I have to have this talent.。
“Mr. Liao said,Special function is stronger,It is better than not on the law。Better than our specific functional performance group Just look at,Actually Everyone is a mixed rice.,I am reluctant to be hungry.。”
hehe I believe you a ghost,Your old man is very bad.!
Liao Jie doesn’t want to continue There are also severe insomnia patients waiting for him to save. Straightforward:“Strict old You have an identity,I don’t sleep in the night, I am blocked here.,What is wrong with it?。”
“it is good,Fast man。”
Strictly said:“I am looking for Mr. Liao or the old thing.,I hope you help,Give the sky together。”
“is this necessary?”
Liao Jie frowned:“Not,According to my two days, close observations,Although the big brother is very unrestrained,But he is not vicious,Just some is right and wrong,Unknown”
Do not say,He can’t make it。
“Mr. Liao,As you say,If the sky is an ordinary person,Top more easy blood on the head,Impulsion。”
Strictly shake the head:“But the key is that he is not ordinary,He lived in seven hundred years ago,It was the top master of the evil road at the time.。When the world, the world is clear, he completely doesn’t understand,Moral concept is quite weak,For ordinary people,He is really dangerous.。”
Liao Jie silent,really,Don’t look at him, you can get the sky.,Once you have a hard iron, you have to do something.,For example, grab bank, please go to the nightclub together.happy,He didn’t have a way.。
“Mr. Liao,Avenue you clearly,if not,I will not visit three times.。”
“You want to bring the sky back to the mainland?”
“Be right。”
“Then how do you deal with him??”
Liao Jie asked,Touching a conscience,It is ruthless to him,Although because the brain is not good,It’s been pitted in a row.,But now,It’s good for him.。
this point,He can’t refute。
Strictly, it is also very right.,The sky remains in Hong Kong Island without people,It is really too dangerous.,I have never been,Template,That is a very famous Zhang San。
Going back to the mainland is different.,As long as someone presses him,How much stasis will also converge。