Wang Lin shook her head and said:“I don’t want to be a fat woman。Are you asking me about the financial center?,I’ll report to you。According to your instructions,We took a step back,Let Beiwei Group build the buildings,Hand over,Remove a building of machinery and equipment,This is good for them and us,He Wei thanks for our concession“
“This woman,We must watch out for her from now on,Don’t get bitten“Xia Jian reminds Wang Lin。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“Thus,The connection between us is getting less and less,Even if she wants to bite us,I have to find an excuse!“
“You let Mr. Jin do the calculations in advance,Prepare sufficient funds for Beiwei。Because of this,They will hand over as normal,We have to pay people normally,This matter cannot be ignored,Don’t let He Wei hit us by surprise“Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
First1084chapter Complacent
Wang Youcai bought a house in Pingdu?
This news spread all over Xiping Village suddenly。Although the life in Xiping Village has changed drastically in the past two years,But there is no one who buys a house in the city。Wang Youcai is a precedent for the people of Xiping Village,The impact is very big。
Wang Degui was originally an arrogant man in Xiping Village, This time the tail is up to the ass。He didn’t know his son would have so much money。That’s more than 100,000 yuan,Thinking of these,Wang Degui was happy in his heart。
Chen Yueqin walked out of the hall,She wore a new dress。It turned out that she and Wang Degui were going to the city,I want to see what my son’s building looks like。
“move!I’m in trouble without a car when I’m late“Wang Degui kept urging Chen Yueqin。This woman is like this,I always dawdle when I go out。