If you sell successful,Will there will be genuine《Plastic star Dafa》NS?
really,The soldighTM is also a must-have to walk the rivers and lakes.,True to learn……
This“Light of the stars”Yes, I got the day to teach me.“Plastic star Dafa”,But I don’t know because it is insufficient understanding.,Still let me have a lot of private,Failed to completely practice,So combine your own understanding,Practice one“Degrade version”Small law。
After reading the Chu Deiren,Probably understand the truth!
for real“Plastic star Dafa”,It is the opposite of the formation of Dantian and other inner skills.“Void”、It’s like legendary“Returning”,Lost the stars in this practice,Ability to display suction——Whether the entity is still true,It will be subject to suction。
Compared to the thirty-six big points as Nahuan“North”,Formation of meridians“tidal”,To achieve efficient Turkey《Northern God》,This《Plastic star Dafa》It is the real practical to absorb and learn.!
But compared to,“Plastic star Dafa”The defect is also very obvious,And normal cultivation is far less than“Northern God”,Just more skills,Really want to practice,Chu Deirers must choose Bende God……
And it is precisely because“Plastic star Dafa”Specialty,To form a void in Dantian,It means that it cannot be parallel with normal internal strength.——Normal internal strength is in Dantian accumulated internal strength or true。
Even from“Plastic star Dafa”Repair other internal strength,It is also very difficult,Unless there are some special effects,And from other internal power repairs“Plastic star Dafa”,It is even more able to abolish the big role.。
certainly,this is only“gas”part,exist“Technique”In fact, the play star Dafa is also a high martial art.,Can take the internal force of the enemy、The real gas is also moving,Even。
Ask the day, obviously no self-abuse,Reciprocate“Plastic star Dafa”the meaning of,And Chu Deirers estimate,With the heart of our line,Will not teach his full version。
This“Light of the stars”,In fact, it should be considered“Plastic star Dafa”Application in parry!
Compared to true laminated Dafa,Because there is no special sucking star,Naturally, there is no active person、Effect of suction,Also just“Technique”。
But when the enemy took the initiative,Can rely on this small law,Force the enemy’s internal strength“borrow”come over。
Chu Deirers“Swim”Some like,Under the moment,There are also a few points of internal force being taken away.,So when Yan Samsung,They also scared a hop。
In fact, as long as you fix your heart,Don’t make a mess,Still very easy to break away。
And this is unloaded into the enemy’s internal force or the true gas,Can not be like“Plastic star Dafa”Dangtian,Otherwise not“Returning”Ordinary Dantian,Rank to bear the intranet,Will be better than the original,Walking into the magic faster。
Ask the way,It is through meridians,The situation will uninstall it into the two legs,Unload through Yongquan!
But then,There is a lot of flaws.——In use“Light of the stars”To unload,Not only the leg meridians are occupied,Unable to use light power、Corporation,And under the pressing of foreign air,There will be a feeling of purity……
Basically can only stand in place!
So I took it.“Entry”name,It feels that this is to import the enemy’s infuriating into the ground.,It is not easy to detect its difficult weakness。
“Inlay……Sun Moon God……”Chu Deirers have a little bit,I thought of the sun and moon gods.。
In fact, in the original,Nothing to teach and Mingjiao,Mr. Jin Yong, I also said that Mingzhao is from Persianis.,And the sun and moon god do not have religious nature。
But in this big river,The supersive gods are definitely a split.——World First Zhuang Publishing、New year《Rivers and lakes》superior,Also write this matter,It’s just that the details are unknown.!
It is said that it is the same as the split,Behind there is its source of Persian、That is, the shadow of Moistism intervention。
After all, Mingjiao in the Yangtouchi,Branch、Winner“trunk”,The Persian Person,Instead, the Persian altar has weakness.,It is inevitable。
After the roof of the roof, I am going to the magic.,The holy fire is taking advantage of。
In the original“Plastic star Dafa”Originate“Northern God”Revision,And now in Chu Deiren,In addition to Beiming,one of them“Inlay”Can,Very likely……From the school《Moving a big move》!
Orthothy“Inlay”To achieve the northern god“Passive attraction”,became“Take the initiative to absorb”,only……Defects too big。
More like it is the unfolded general martial arts,Identified into a defective peerless martial arts。
In the original“Plastic star Dafa”,Side effects have also reached an unbearable point,Linghu Chong is the protagonist,Transform《Easy》Save,And you have“Tongue”Let me,Eventually, violently violent conflict。
Is it so,Still waiting for the Chu Deee to get the real《Moving a big move》Can prove,As in this《Light of the stars》,Chu Deirers have not touched。