Yu Shi gave him a look of contempt,I don’t know how long he has to say。
The remaining two days of the London trip,They are all spent eating, drinking and buying。I just haven’t received a call from Sun Jiaxing。
If it weren’t for the rule of law,Ji Yunfeng really wants to be brutal once,Severely tortured Sun Jiaxing,Don’t believe that he doesn’t tell the truth。
Although they didn’t ask Sun Jiaxing,But look at his attitude,Listen to the lies made up by the couple,Yushi can conclude that his father’s sudden onset is not that simple,This also proves that she was correct in suspicion before。From this point of view,Her trip to the UK is still valuable。
Back to Shenzhen,The first thing in Yushi is to see Zhou Yafang,She received a message from Zhu Boyu when she was in the UK。They found a twenties、The big boy who was abducted more than ten years ago,Li Kaijie,His appearance is very similar to that of Zhou Yafang’s son。
Thinking of the past cannot be investigated clearly in a moment,Yu Shi intends to help Zhou Yafang find her son,Deal with the demolition and relocation before making plans。
Sending samples of the two to doDNABefore testing,Yushi arranged for Zhou Yafang and Li Kaijie to meet。
Li Kaijie knew he was not his parents’ biological son,Grown up these few years,I also thought about finding my biological parents,Scary foster parents sad,Never mentioned。
A chance,On Weibo, he saw a son-seeking notice from a friend of Yushi for Zhou Yafang,I think the little boy in the photo looks a lot like himself。He showed it to his classmates,Classmates also feel alike。With this thought,He took the initiative to contact the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau,He said he was coming to Shenzhen to meet Zhou Yafang。of course,He came by himself secretly,Did not tell the adoptive parents。
In the coffee shop,Zhou Yafang just looked at Li Kaijie and cried,Almost convulsed due to overexcitement,Yushi comforted her for a long time,She gradually calmed down。
Li Kaijie was shocked by her,Sit on the side and don’t speak。
In his heart,I have no impression of my biological mother。He doesn’t know what Zhou Yafang has gone through all these years to find his son。but,See her like this,He was still touched。