But Qin Feng didn’t respond at all。
And those classmates who were still watching at the moment were chatting thoughtfully。
“That newcomer is right,Why do you want to fight something that won’t be good for winning or losing??”
“Haha,I still think it’s more funny to call Bernabeu。But speaking,Us people,There is not much ice ling grass left in my hand。It’s a consumable after all!”
Bernabeu immediately exploded upon hearing these discussions.。However, he found that the speakers were in the top 20,Obviously he can’t provoke,So if he wants to vent,I can only vent all the resentment on the newcomer。
“Don’t you go,Who said I don’t have ice ling grass。I have got!”
Hear this,Qin Feng stopped。
“You sure have?Won’t you lie to me??Ugh,Say it,Many people are not honest at all these days。If what you say is true,Then show it to me。How else can I believe what you say?Take a look,Wouldn’t it be bad if you have a reputation for being a shameless perfidy??”
“you,You bastard!”
Although Bernabeu is about to be killed by Qin Fengqi,But to prove that I didn’t lie,I took out a crystal bead on my own。
There is actually a frosty grass in the pillar。
But if you really want to investigate it in a strict sense,This ice ling grass is not complete。
Because the ice ling herb is composed of three leaves,Generally, it can be used three times separately,Use one leaf at a time。