“There are no walls,He first talked about Song Dynasty porcelain。correct!This is a piece of Song Dynasty porcelain,And it’s a piece of porcelain from the five famous kilns。
Then,Old Chen next door got the answer right,He mentioned Dingyao。
The five famous kilns of the Song Dynasty,Ru Kiln、Official kiln、Ge Yao、Jun Kiln、Dingyao。
then,Mu Yi from Sunny Home,I remember this brother was a lucky audience?He is the only one who talks about fish tanks。
Maybe many people can’t believe it,This turned out to be a fish tank。
But in fact,It’s really a fish tank。Mu Yi at Sunny Home,Come out and talk,How do you tell it’s a fish tank。do not be afraid,Even if it is right,The reward will not change。If you make a good reason,I will give you a rocket。”
“Fish tank?”Hua Zi also feels incredible,Why did you think of a fish tank?
This is an antique of the Song Dynasty!Someone played aquarium fish in Song Dynasty?
Just wait without letting everyone,Muyi Explanation of Sunny House:“Misty,I think it looks a bit like a fish tank,I have bought similar ones before,But it’s made of glass,This is made of porcelain。”
Populus euphratica gestures to Hua Tsai,Let him immediately give each of the four viewers an island,Are all 50,000 coins,Which is five hundred yuan。
“The fish tank of the Song Dynasty?Did the ancestors of the Song Dynasty start playing aquarium fish??”Someone couldn’t help but ask。
“Then everyone knows something,As early as the Han Dynasty,There is the concept of ornamental fish。
To the Tang Dynasty,Began to raise goldfish。now,RBThe culture of raising goldfish,It was still passed during the Tang Dynasty。
To the Song Dynasty,Walk the dog、Juggling、fish culture、Leisure culture such as fighting insects is thriving。
in fact,Only the age of prosperity,Everyone has a leisure time to ponder the culture of eating, drinking and having fun。Like Song Dynasty,Economic prosperity,People’s life is stable,Only the disruptive development of porcelain,There are five famous kilns that will be talked about in later generations。”Hu Yang told everyone。
Populus euphratica asked Huazi to take a close-up of the flower pot,Explain to everyone carefully。
“See this,We call it tears,Is the flow of glaze,Fixed porcelain flow glaze is often striped,Like weeping,So called tear marks。