Each reporter Ren Fei has been edited by Wu Yongjun since 2021, the investment agency mainly has not changed the exit strategy of "reducing the ban", and sells "in the secondary market. WIND statistics show that there are currently approximately 140 venture capital and its funds have completed clearance reduction in the banned stocks of A-share listed companies.

  The "Daily Economic News" reporter found that although the carryingments of each carrying amount is different, due to the pressure on the peak of the New Year’s market and the end of the year, there is still an institution to choose to hold.

Analysts believe that the valuation of some vulnerable theme industry may continue to fall, and it is a key factor affecting the institution and stay. Create a dismissal to fulfill the intelligence of the strong Lan Jian intelligence (688557, sh; yesterday closed) will be 4 funds from the Venture Agency, December 10, Lan Jian intelligent release plan announcement disclosed " The latest trend of the Dharma "" Holding the banner, Dacheng, Da Chen Chuai, Da Chen Chuangheng, Dacheng, Dacheng, Duocheng, to reduce 6% shares through centralized bidding or bulk transactions. Anti-Guanlan Intelligent Shares, after the first day of the next day, on December 2, 2020, they fell all the way, as of December 13, 202, closed, reported to the yuan / shares, and has fallen below the distribution of new shares. /share. Although the share price elastic potential of the company’s performance is high, it seems that it is no longer willing to stay again from the "Da Chen".

  It is reported that the company’s stocks held by the company have been lifted on December 2, and the consensus acts have been released after 7 days, which is indeed different from the actions of some institutions.

Some insiders believe that the IPO speed in the context of A shares is stable, and the game opportunity of the next new stock has been greatly as good as the reality of the settlement of the unit, and there are very little organization to wait for the book returns to rise.

  Therefore, the so-called "seeing the" exiting strategy seems to be a consensus of most institutional investment companies to list or not listed.

The "Daily Economic News" reporter also saw that from December, the third largest release flood peak since 2021 is approaching. WIND statistics show that 11 months ago, A share of 2551 listed companies’ related restricted stocks were lifted, and 270 limited sales stocks in December were released, and some of more than 2,800 companies were all restricted. Among them, in December, we will have a total of 100 million shares. According to the formation of the stock market value of the statistics of the month, the total is about 100 million yuan, which is the third largest monthly size of the market value of 2021.

  Based on the previous market, every time the ban is coming, the market has no significant incremental funds to help, and the shareholders who share the shares during the period will be strong.

The reporter saw that in addition to the "Da Yat", Gao Jia, such as Mountain Venture, Tongshi Investment and other institutions or management funds have also completed the shares of listed companies held in the near future. Some institutional reduction progress is amazing in the above-mentioned investment institutions or funds that have been implemented by the banned stocks, although the investment income is different, there is still a tacit understanding of the agency, and nearly 140 Venture capital and its fund have completed the clearance reduction of the shares of the listed company in 2021.

  WIND statistics show that as of December 10, 202 (10 days of data is not statistically complete), a total of 139 venture capital and its funds have completed clearance reduction, and the agencies and funds are reduced. The number of shares accounted for 100% of its shareholding proportions held.

  From December, seven listed companies in Biological Valley, Exhibition Peng Technology, Xingqi Pharmaceutical, and Strong Securities, etc. were from Gaota, Tong Dynasty investment, such as mountain venture capital and other institutions and Fund clearance is reduced and has been completed.

Such as Gaota Shenzhen Gaotikang Investment Partnership Co., Ltd. On the 12th, less than 4 months. According to reporters, some funds or investment institutions have been amazing, and some are only 1 day.

Like the pharmaceutical industry began by Ningbo Xihui entrepreneurial investment partnership (limited partnership) on February 2, 2021, the next year announced the announcement of its reduction, according to the content of the announcement Or concentrated bidding transactions, reduce the number of shareholders held by the shareholders of the company.

  Statistics show that in all the finished funds and investment agencies, there are 19 houses within 30 days, and there are 5 in 10 days.

Analysts said that similar extreme rapid reduction or continued to stage later. When there is a private placement with Shenzhen, it means that the stock market shock will bring anxiety to the size of the minimal, especially some publicly available listed companies, the volatility of the stock price will be larger, so it will consider fast out goods. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News.

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