Only half a day is not enough,Li Tianzhen did not spend even a small amount of time thinking,Condensed essence in his hand turned into a sharp dagger,Quietly watching Dayan Dao,“I don’t have much time。”
“The meaning of fellow Taoists……”Dayan’s expression is solemn,A little confused in his eyes,It seems to understand the other side’s thoughts。
“Fellow Daoists are willing to come to my world?”
“your world?Fellow Daoists are joking?”
“A small world,In my god。”Li Tianzhen’s voice was trembling,It is extremely risky to open one’s gods to a great magician,It’s like giving your life to the other party,It’s about trust,Far beyond this concept,The problem is that he has no choice now。
“So you trust the old man?”
“at least……On the issue of blood,We are consistent。”Li Tianzhen doesn’t want to think about other things,At least Dayan didn’t leave with Liu Mo,It shows that his decision and adventure are worthwhile。
“Then……”Dayan swallowed and spit,Don’t know what to say。
“Borrow a drop of your blood,I will make a round。”Li Tianzhen took it out‘Magic Box’,Amoeba inside,Can be transformed into various shapes according to the will of the summoner,Including all kinds of creatures,Plus Dayan’s blood,Will create another day,Have the appearance of Dayan、Temperament and other characteristics,It can even exude terrifying coercion,Sit there,Can also be daunting。
So Dayan thoroughly understood Li Tianzhi’s thoughts,He was injured continuously,It’s hard to fight again,So the primordial spirit can enter Li Tianzhu’s gods to heal his wounds,The physical body is stored by Li Tianzhen’s space treasure,Then recreating a look is the key to attracting blood,He knows the purpose of Li Tianzhen’s actions,Is to harass the blood at all costs,Kill as much as possible,Buy time for that old man。
“Want a drop of blood,Why bother。”Dayan laughed,Slowly stretch out his left hand,Suddenly a bean-sized ball of light appeared on the fingertip of the index finger,Ball of light along finger root、Palm edge、Arm enters Dayan’s body,Then his calm eyes became dim,A drop of shiny blood dripped from the corner of Dayan’s left eye,Rolling on its palm,Crystal clear and round。
Li Tianzhen is also welcome,Take that drop of blood,Summon amoeba,The short blade in his hand turned into a golden light covering the blood,A moment later,The amoeba is also sucked into the golden light,Soon another Dayan appeared,Sitting by the campfire,It’s hard to separate from Dayan who is close at hand。
last step,Li Tianchou didn’t even think about it,Let go of my gods,It’s an indescribable small world in the realm of Dharmakaya,Dayan looks awe-inspiring,Yuanshen in vitro,Calmly entered this world,Li Tianzhen took out his space pocket and put Dayan’s body in,That’s it,The whole process time is very short,And completed the fusion of mutual trust between the two souls。
In consciousness,Dayan sat on the edge of the cliff in the sea of vitality,Meditation to heal,Many monsters and puppets protect the law,Not to beware of Dayan,But to prevent‘Son of Metaverse’,Do not know why,After leaving the town magic tower‘Son of Metaverse’Staying in the forest farther away,Never close to the sea of vitality,Nor be with monsters,Even more disdain to communicate with Li Tianchou,Just stay quietly,It has a very dangerous smell。
But Li Tianzhen can’t worry so much anymore,Looking into the depths of the northern wilderness,He took a deep breath,Leave nine puppets,Set up a simple plum blossom formation,Looked at the bonfire that was about to burn out,Stomped,The body disappeared from the place。
The wind and sand deep in the wasteland are even more terrifying,The sky full of sand and gravel rising with the violent wind is like the huge waves of the sea when the sea is violent,Has extremely terrible erosive and destructive power,Buried Mountain Foot,The wilderness extended by mountain folds,The momentum of the sandstorm has weakened a lot,Wilderness Northwest,There is a huge gap in the rolling mountain,Actually,This gap is an inverted col,This is the entrance to the alien base mentioned by Mr. Ouyang,It is also the place where Master Zhong Sanpu once visited,The Holy Blood Array is in the deepest part of the col。
The blood family has spent a lot of effort,Fight with Li Tianchou and Dayan at the expense of two elders and dozens of clansmen,Finally found here,But unfortunately,Although there is an ancestral atmosphere unique to the blood race here,Even faint intent,But the wild hills and rocks full of eyes,Difficult to accurately locate the position of the Holy Blood Array。
The huge mountain col has been thoroughly excavated,There is no trace of the Holy Blood Array.,There are many figures busy near the black mound in the center of the col,Most are wrapped in a black robe,Looks very strange and mysterious。
There is an old lady’s face in the stars Gongyue,Old and gloomy and terrifying,The appearance of this old lady is actually no different from Fansheng,Because she has lived in this mortal world for a long time,She has forgotten the years,Until the guy next to me who looks like a mantis comes from the void and wakes her up,To return to the source。