Chen Xiu didn’t know he misunderstood,I thought Gu Rimou didn’t want to teach myself,Helplessly《Easy muscle and bone forging》Take back the space bag。
Gu Rimou handed Qianye Guo to him again,Said:“You continue to absorb the true energy in the Chiba Fruit!”
Chen Xiu said in surprise:“Didn’t you say that I am a big stomach,I can’t fill up how many elixirs and other treasures,The true energy in this Chiba fruit is not wasted to me!”
“If you were not the descendant of the strongest in the secret realm,I really don’t want to ruin this Chiba fruit。This is not all about seeking a good destiny!”
Gu Rimou was in pain,Waved his hand and said impatiently:“Let you suck,Where is so much nonsense!”
“it is good……Ok!”
Chen Xiu sat cross-legged again,Place the Chiba Fruit in the Dantian,Hold on,With his breath and breath,The qi in the body becomes smooth,It runs automatically,It’s luck,The powerful qi in Qianyeguo poured into the dantian,Qi flows out continuously in his dantian。
If you follow the usual practice,The outflow of True Qi will definitely continuously nourish the cells throughout his meridians,I don’t know that this time Yi Jin Bone Forging Work is also running at the same time,Crazy absorption of the true energy from his dantian。
“Lying,It’s like Old Man Gu said!If it weren’t for my true qi now comes from Chiba Fruit,But from my own true qi,I’m afraid it won’t be a quarter of an hour,My own qi is about to be absorbed by Yi Jin Bone Forging Gong!”
As the true qi in the Chiba fruit continuously enters the body,The crazy refining of zhenqi,Chen Xiu’s body quickly changed。
The first level of Yijin and Bone Strengthening is to practice tendons,Second layer of forged bone,The third time is blood clotting!
With the infuriating being refined,The blood in his body seemed to be boiled,Slowly getting hot、Then it boils,The water vapor in the blood can’t help dissipating,In the end, a hundred drops of blood converge into one drop。
This drop of blood is golden,Although it’s just a drop of blood, it is full of vitality,As if there is an infinite power inside!Chase the book
With the passing of time,Chiba fruit doesn’t have enough true energy to flow in,There is more and more golden blood condensed in the body。