I immediately went straight to the clothes.,Directly call your assistant。
“Two dogs,Two dogs。”
Outstanding moment,That some of the old sounds even have some incredible。
“Who are you calling two dogs??
Two dogs are also your bad old man?”
“Besides,How do you live in the room of Xiao Gongzi?
Don’t mention it today.,I let you know why today is so red.。”
Say,Wang Ergun is ready to call directly。
Xiao Chenpong saw this scene is an angry。
“I am Xiao Gongzi,Do you not see it??
I am。”
“Your old liar,I also said that I am a horse boss.,Nor is not scattered with yourself a few pounds, a few two, dare to pretend?”
Say,The big print of the bar is directly printed on the face of Xiao Chen.。
moment,Take Xiao Chenmone。
“Do not fight,Do not fight,I am really Xiao Gongzi.,You are Wang Erju,There is still a sister at home.,Tenth day of this year is wrong?”
Xiao Chen beat said that when these words, Wang Erju was also stopped.。
I am incredible to watch Xiao Chen beat。
From the five senses, barely identify。
“You are really Xiao Gongzi?”
Chapter 1125
Wang Erju is an incredible,After all, Xiaochen is the same as the old man overnight.,This is simply written in it.,Demon。
“nonsense,I am not who is?”
Xiao Chenpong said,Also can’t help but want to shoot Wang Er Dog。
Just the hand,But it is a relaxed to the Wang Erguet.。
“I’m wrong,I’m wrong,Xiao Gongzi,Why should we go to the hospital first??
If you want to hit me,When can you?,Your body is tight.。”
Wang Ergun said,I am also embarrassed in my heart.。
After all, Xiao Chen Bati called five or six periphery in one night.,I just called two last night.,Then just like this,He feels that it is the two women to give Xiao Chen beat.。
But this kind of thing, he naturally does not dare to speculate.。
After all, Xiao Chen beat is his rice bowl.,If Xiao Chen is cold,He is probably hard to find a traffic star with the other party.。
Xiao Chenpu heard Wang Erju, the reaction is also the reaction.。
“Correct,Let’s go to the hospital.,Hurry to let the doctor check it out first。”
“Forehead,Xiao Gongzi,Then let’s go to the public hospital or go to you to the private hospital.?”
I heard this,Xiao Chenpeng directly can’t help but want to give each other。
Instinct:“you’re so dumb,Nature is to private hospital,What should I do if I go to the public hospital??
I still have to face this face.?”