Continuous tomb,I can’t see the end at a glance,And the ancient swords of suppression are countless,At this moment their hostility is getting deeper and deeper,Getting thicker,The curled up anger seems to tear the intruder Zhu Minglang to pieces!
“How is this going,Is there a sword spirit here too?”Zhu Minglang looked at this tomb in surprise,Looking at the ancient sword that is as cold as a beast。
The sword spirit dragon is red at the moment,Strong sunlight,Shining on the body of the sword spirit dragon,The silhouettes mapped to the ground overlapped,It seems that all the sword souls in the body of the sword spirit dragon are revealed。
“Yaoshan Jianzong and Mianshan Jianzong are originally the same,In a split,The two factions fought a fight,I don’t know how many teachers have fallen,I don’t know how many swords were damaged,To mourn their respective sword ancestors,Yaoshan Jianzong has a forest of abandoned swords,Mianshan Jianzong has Jianzhongling……”At this moment,An old-fashioned voice rang from behind Zhu Minglang。
The speaker is Mr. Koi,It still turns into koi embroidery,Attached to Zhu Minglang’s clothes。
But this time it didn’t show up,Just talking there。
“That battle,Killed in the dark,So many years passed,The inheritance of those sword sects may have completely forgotten,But those ancient swords that fell in that battle,But still remember。”Mr. Koi then said。
I wish Ming Lang look around,Seeing the sword spirit dragon is just a single sword hanging in the air,But it does exude a different aura,Several ancient swords that slept in it all came to life,Glow with the brilliance of the inscription that has never been seen!
“Even if the sea dies out,Didn’t we have a winner in the end??”Zhu Minglang talk to himself。
From the emotions of the sword spirit dragon,Zhu Minglang can feel the unwillingness and unyielding will of those damaging the ancient sword……
This reminds Zhu Minglang of what Zhu Tianguan said to him。
Every inscription,Have a story,Or its owner is earth-shattering,Or this device triggered a fierce fight,Or this spirit has witnessed the rise and fall of sects……
Their soul,Only wake up under certain circumstances。
The fruitless fight between Mianshan Jianzong and Yaoshan Jianzong,Because the sword master fell,The sword master stopped late,But these ancient swords have never forgotten!
“The sword spirit dragon is the abandoned sword forest of the entire Yaoshan Sword Sect,Originally, the two places were separated by more than half of the polar continent,It’s impossible to make a whistle……”Mr. Koi still speaks behind Zhu Minglang,Also secretly marveling。
This is the tomb of the sword。
The rusty mountain forest at dusk,Isn’t it the sword’s grave forest?。