How to deal with deadly aging muscles

Why does my face look like I did n’t wash it off?

Why is the skin not dark but not transparent, and people become unconscious?

Then you need to pay attention, you are getting worse.

Want to retain youth, apply the right medicine, and get rid of severe aging muscles!

  Sun exposure type is easy to decompose index: **** Ultraviolet rays are the enemy of skin aging. Often exposed to the sun, without the habit of rubbing sunscreen, or not doing proper sun care, can cause dullness.

If you still do not intensify maintenance, then stains, wrinkles and light aging problems will follow.

  Anti-aging essentials: Regardless of whether it is cloudy or not, do sun protection every day, fight against photo-aging, use appropriate whitening care products, whitening introduction, fruit acid treatment.

  Keratinous hypertrophy easy growth index: *** The dullness problem lies in the metabolism of the skin. It accumulates too many old waste keratin and cannot be renewed, causing dullness to the skin.

Although it is said that those with oily skin are not prone to wrinkles, the deep wrinkles that are too easy to be removed when the skin becomes too greasy and the horny skin is aging again.

  Anti-aging essentials: do good oil control care, and adjust the water and oil balance of the skin.

At the same time, in order to avoid large pores, use appropriate acidic mineral oil products such as salicylic acid, plant particles or enzymes to exfoliate and tighten pores.

  Dehydration-prone skin aging index: ***** Skin is dry, prone to scaling, peeling problems, and insufficient water absorption.

The skin is dehydrated. If the amount of water is insufficient for a long time, the skin will look dull and radiant, and the long-term lack of water will also cause fine lines and dry lines, which will cause premature aging.

  Anti-aging essentials: strengthen moisturizing maintenance, use multiple moisturizing skin care products, hyaluronic acid introduction, completely improve dryness.

  Alkaline hypoxic susceptibility to aging index: *** Extremely does not really exceed black, but the lack of oxygen in the blood or anemia, causing it to look yellow, dark, or bloodless.

The cause may be malnutrition, partial eclipse, lack of nutrients required for hematopoietic body, or insufficient oxygen in the blood, making the blood color darker and affecting the appearance of skin color.

  Anti-aging disease: balanced nutrient intake (supplement of nutrients), proper aerobic exercise, and the use of oxygen-based skin care products that can promote cell circulation, to change the dullness.