Qin Hao looked from a distance,Because the distance is a bit far,So I can’t really。
“Then it’s time to close the net,”Qin Hao saw the fight between the two sides in full swing。
The harder they fight,The better it is for me。
“I rely on,Isn’t they just looking for death??”
Qin Hao saw that they were divided into several groups,Step by step,Attack inside。
The crackling sound of a bullet hitting an object around。
“Bang bang bang,”After the poisonous scorpion came,The fire directly suppressed the opposite。
“Buy a handful of Barrett,Add and eliminate,Sound device,Three bullets,folder,”Qin Hao bought it from a merit store for two thousand merits。
Immediately a handful of dark Barrett appeared in front of Qin Hao。
Barrett is a famous sniper,Known as a cannon。
Just hit the enemy,The enemy must die,Hit the arm,Then the entire arm of the enemy will simply disappear。
“Right now,There is,No one found the sound machine。”
Qin Hao refuses to let go of this opportunity,In his eyes,These people in front of him are his merits。
Installed,Sound device,bomb,Clip on。
“Don’t worry about destroying their heavy weapons,”Qin Hao thought sinisterly。
The more they use heavy weapons,Bring them heavy casualties to each other,Is more beneficial to Qin Hao。
First remove the disadvantages to the other party,This is Qin Hao’s strategy。
“Just them,”Qin Hao watched the poisonous scorpion personally lead a group of people and wanted to attack the opposite group from behind。