With Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,Those around,I even looked in front of my eyes。
After all, from now on,How should these things be resolved?,Actually Wang Teng thinks,One person short。
That is Tan Hongsheng, the head of the Tan family。
Chapter 64 The Angry Tan Hongsheng
When Tan Hongsheng learned of this,It’s already an hour。
But looking at it,The more so,In fact, it looks like Tan Hongsheng,From the current point of view,What should I do,Really a problem。
And Tan Hongsheng is watching these,There is a faint smile on the whole person’s face。
“But now,I won’t talk about other issues for now。”
“But let’s not talk about anything else,these questions,In fact, there should still be this need to be handled properly is the kingly way。”
When Tan Hongsheng saw this,Tan Hongsheng was very angry,Speak directly here。
For these,In front of Tan Hongsheng,Others seem to have understood。
but,These people are very clear in their hearts。
Actually here,These things,It should also come to an end。
“All right,Now words,Don’t say so much,get ready,I want to kill directly!”
Since Tan Hongsheng has said so,Then it completely represents,He gave it up。
And the people around,See here,In fact, in their hearts,I’m already a little eager to try。
But from now on,How do you deal with this?,In fact, let everyone know。