I have heard Li Hui’s left and one master.,Another Master,He is like finding the biggest flaw of Li.,Direct anger:“Sorrow,You are completely lie。”
“Your university is with me.,The truth is still a dormitory,I haven’t heard you say that you have Master.?
You must have a secret that is not mariberable。”
Li Hui also didn’t expect Sun Benren dare to jump at this time.。
Implementation of Sun Yutiren,He immediately countered。
“hehe,University, we are in a dormitory,But have you seen me??
You just sleep with me, you feel that I will talk to what you like you.?”
“I have given you the tea to you before.,Give you to the building,These are all in your eyes.?
Later, I talked about my girlfriend.,Your surface is envious,In fact, the heart is embarrassing,You think I don’t know?”
“I have never understood why my girlfriend will betray me.,But now I suddenly understand.,The beginning of our interaction is that you are in the design circle.?”
“I got a scholarship,Which time isn’t you invited to eat?,Who is you because of my poor less dishes??
Why is I persuade?,Why is it betrayed by my girlfriend?,Why do you have such a consistent?,Do you really think that I am a fool?”
Sun Yiren did not expect that Li Hui will say these words.,What didn’t think of it is that Li Hui is seemingly known.,This makes him feel more panic.。
“You have less blood spray,It is yourself too inferior.,Several we have been good for you.,It is not satisfied.。”
In addition to sleeping on my baby,You will feel right with you with your so-called brothers.?
I learned that you said that my nerd,I will go to you for sale.,You say that the long legs should,I am because of rural,You give me the outer number called township,This is my inferiority?”
Li Hui Feng, the more the voice is more,The more he said, the more controlled the anger that can’t control my heart.。
“I explain it to a few seniors.,You also jump out to smear me,Since you have to kill me so much,So today, I have to work with you.,Say,Is it choosing to eat, or let me dispose,Zhou boss is at the time of testimony。”
Li Hui said like this,Sun Yutire’s face is also a change。
Zhou Shengjie also suddenly remembered that Li Shufeng gambled with Sun Yiren.。
“Correct,I can testify this matter.,Little grandchild challenge is your initiative,Now I feel that you lose。”
Zhou Shengjie said this,Warn your daughter with your eyes,Hurry and stay away from Sun Yutong,From the words of Li Xiang,He feels that Li is not lie with the wind.。
It’s just that he didn’t think that Sun Bingren is actually so not something.,The age is gently actually doing so many worse things,It seems that Li Hui’s girlfriend is that Sun Bingren gives running.。
Have Zhou Shengjie,Li Hui Feng is no longer going to explain with a few experts.,Instead, I will first solve the Sun Bingren.。
After all, the fly is a long time.,Been to shoot,Of course, if you are far away from,Li Anti-style or not shooting,But Sun Bingren provoked him five times.,Already let him have no patience。
“Now that the boss said that you have lost.,Do you want to justify it??”
Sun Bingren also wants to have a hard,But I saw the anger of Li Hui’s eyes.,Think of the one foot before the other party,He didn’t dare to continue to hit it.。
“That’s just a joke.。”
“hehe,Are you joking??”
I saw that Li Hui’s face revealed a smile.,Sun Yutire thought that Li Hui Feng is a jealous forest city.,I immediately restored a little air。
“exactly,I am joking.。”