It can be seen that the general。
This night,Li Jiacheng didn’t sleep well,There is always some anxiety,Restless。
There is no reason for this anxiety,It’s a prediction of the sixth sense。
Li Jiacheng can have the wealth of today,In addition to standing on the real estate that is in the forefront of Hong Kong Island’s economic boom,More because of his supernatural hunch ability,Let him survive the stock market crash again and again,Still bigiSpecial hair。
So he believes in his hunch ability。
Restless tonight,Made him feel dangerous!12345
“No way!
Although I don’t know why,I always feel that danger is here!
Must leave here immediately!”
Li Jiacheng who was lying on the bed opened his eyes suddenly,Suddenly he found something was wrong,There is a round black shadow on his bedside table anyway。
He turned on the light,A bloody head。
Lu Ming!
Luming’s head!