And Lin Shaofen was excited,Start to promise:“Hu Ge,Good things will be auctioned next time,I inform you。”
This was bought?
The audience in the live room smiled heartily,No one can stand Hu’s offensive of getting rich first and then rich!
Keep going inside,Everyone has seen all kinds of antiques,Jade、Woodware、lacquerware、Bronzes etc.,Many of them are not known to Lin Shaofen and Fang Ru。
among them,There are like bamboo carvings、Woodcarving、Clay sculptures and other so-called special products of the magic capital,Expensive and cheap。
this time,Zhang Qingliang also bought a bamboo carving,like very much,It’s also a specialty。
Hu Yang told him:“This is a bamboo carving in Jiading,Said it is a specialty of the magic city,Naturally no problem。”
but,Someone in the live broadcast room。They said,Jiading originally belonged to Suzhou,Such a prosperous county since ancient times,It finally became a district of the magic city。
First-tier cities now,Always annexing the surrounding area。The capital is like this,The same is true,Yangcheng is no exception,If Shenzhen is not guarded against thieves in the surrounding cities,I’m afraid I want to annex too。
For this kind of thing,There are often noisy people on the Internet。
Hu Yang did not participate in this discussion,I’m not pleased anyway,He won’t do this kind of thing。
in fact,Jiading has a lot of traditional crafts,Is a place of outstanding people,Nurtured many celebrities from all walks of life,It’s a place where talents gather。
Jiading Bamboo Carving Artists Substitute Knife,Will book、painting、poetry、Text、India’s various arts are integrated,Give bamboo a new life,Make the bamboo carving works have the air of scroll and the taste of gold and stone,Elegant and vulgar,Yawan who became a literati doctor。
“But you,Modern works,Although it is also hand carved,But the carving is not outstanding,So keep it for yourself!”Hu Yang told him。
Same as Gu Embroidery just now,This is also a national level intangible cultural heritage。
“Even wine is an antique。”Huazi can’t laugh or cry。