Wu Peici’s autumn maintenance magic: Hefeng warm asparagus salad

Guide: As soon as autumn arrives, in addition to the new skin care products, the usual diet and maintenance habits will also change.

In the autumn maintenance process, Wu Peici loved the asparagus salad.

According to Wu Peici himself, this health salad can be eaten without getting tired, and it is more effective on weekends.

Nutrition experts say that this healthy vegetable recommended by Wu Peici is really suitable for dry autumn.

  Hefengnuan asparagus salad ingredients: appropriate amount of asparagus, (other vegetables are optional, some kind of cucumber, carrot .) appropriate amount of salad dressing, 1-2 cooked egg yolks, appropriate amount of fresh milk, and a small amount of lemon juice.

  Method: 1. Wash the asparagus. After processing, add boiling water and bake it, then take cold water. Other vegetables that can be eaten raw need only be cut into strips.

  2. Frozen corn kernels are taken out in advance and thawed in hot water. Water is absorbed with kitchen paper. Millet peppers are cut into small pieces and bacon is cut into small pieces.

  3, chopped onion and rub with salt, rinse thoroughly and remove water.

  4. Mix the above ingredients with a salad dressing, season with salt and pepper, and serve in a container.

  Wu Peiqi Qiuyang’s experience: “I like asparagus salad most in all the menus for weight loss in autumn. I can eat madly when I’m hungry, and I’m full of big stomach king. Besides, it’s easy to cook and not greasy.

It’s refreshing to eat two weeks on the weekend when the belly becomes smaller!

It is highly recommended . “Health experts believe that asparagus has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and regenerating water, and it is most suitable for dry autumn. With cucumber, corn and carrot, you will be full and not guilty!

  Message from the editor: In the dry autumn, body hydration should be the first priority. Wu Peici’s love of this health salad is also suitable for you who love beauty.