Inferiority individuals become aggressive

There are always people around us who are always aggressive or aggressive in speech or behavior.

In fact, behind this aggressive behavior is a strong inferiority complex.

Oswald, who assassinated President Kennedy in 1963, was extremely inferior because of his care and lack of education, slender build, ugly looks, and failed marriage.Kennedy.
The same was true of the 2004 Magasque incident. Magas was inferior and lonely, but behaved impulsively and aggressively.

  Why when a person has a strong sense of inferiority, he may become an aggressive fighter against the attitude of shyness and concession?

Austrian psychologist Adler believes that inferiority is a normal development process in the pursuit of superiority in space and time. Inferiority and the pursuit of superiority are inherent to everyone.

Once a normal person feels a sense of inferiority, he strives to compensate for the lack and perfects.

It is the role of the compensation psychological mechanism that inferiority has become the motivation for many successful people to make progress.

Lincoln had inferiority and sensitivity because he was an illegitimate child, ugly and eloquent. Later, he desperately tried to overcome these deficiencies in education, eventually leading to inferiority and becoming an outstanding American president.

  It can be seen that inferiority is not terrible in itself. The key is that we should have correct self-awareness and positive compensation behaviors when facing inferiority.

To have inferiority, three things must be done: first, we must stop comparing ourselves with others, we must understand and do it: the purpose of our efforts is to accomplish our stated goals, not to defeat others.

  Second, we must abandon the pursuit of superiority beyond our own abilities, and must act within our means. We must face our own shortcomings or disadvantages and not deceive ourselves.

  Third, when confronting setbacks and failures, do not blame the heavens and others, and do not despise the self. You must objectively analyze the environment and your own conditions, so that you can find a psychological balance and you can find that life is an opportunity.