Xinhua News Agency Minsk October 18 (Reporter Luking) Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman Glaz said on the 18th that the White Foreign Ministry has recalled the national ambassador to conduct consultations.

  When Glaz, Drakost returned to France, the French, who was returned to France, and said that Dracico entered Belarus in November 2020, and submit a copy of the country in the same year.

But the ambassador will then indicate that it is not intended to complete its procedure according to international law and universal acceptance.

  Graz said that the white party had to inform the French for this, and the white party has expired by the agreement of Dracoster.

At the same time, the Belarus Foreign Ministry recalls the White Ambassador to return to China for consultation. He said that Bai Fang recalled the national ambassador was forced to move, hoping that the two countries enabled the group to resume the overall operation level.

  The French Foreign Ministry issued a press report that the European Union did not admit that last year’s Presidential Presidential election results, France’s ambassador has not submitted to Bai President Lukukeko, but "according to diplomatic practice" Foreign minister.

White is therefore "unilateral decision" to request Dracoster departure.

  On the publication, given the recent decision to restrict the activities of French Baikai Foreign Agency, the French counterparts have adopted corresponding restrictions on the white foreign institutions.

  On August 9, last year, Belarus held a presidential election, Luca Shenke Gaowa won, and later elected.

Cities such as Minsk, Capital, subsequently large-scale demonstrations, and protesters questioned the election results.

According to reports, some Western countries such as the United States, France do not recognize the election results. (Participate in the reporter: Tang Wei, Hu Xue) (End).