Original title: Snowton Festival During the Sendon Festival, Roblin Card will control the number of visitors. The Sahadon Festival is coming. I believe that many people tourists are full of expectations. In order to let the general public visitors have spent a joyful festival, the relevant departments are also actively carried out Preparatory work.

Roblinka is a casual tourist attraction that people will go during the Sherry Festival, so how is the current preparations for Roblinka? What are the attention of the public visitors this year? Recently, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Roblin Management Office.

Text / Figure, the annual Snowton Festival, the annual Snowton Festival, in addition to traditional performances such as Tibetan, Tibetan chess, horse racing, the flower exhibition of Roblinka is also a big look. It is reported that in order to create a rich holiday atmosphere, this year Roblin card is expected to use more than 50,000 pots, more than 30 flowers, and the floral plants mainly have triangular plum, one pitched red, marigold, Gesang, hydrangea, etc.

"From August last year, we started planting flowers to cultivate flowers during this year.

After May 1, we took the cultivated flowers from the green shed. "Introduction of the person in charge of the Lublin Management Office"

  Recently, the reporter came to Roblinka, near the long-lasting chapter of Dan, the garden staff is placing a pot of flowers to the roadside. According to the style, color, size of the flowers, the staff is decided, and the flowers of all kinds of varieties become more beautiful.

"Potted flowers in the roads in the park mainly have hydrangea, marigold, goldfish, cosmos, high snow, plum dried chrysanthemum, etc., and the floral placed in front of the palace mainly has a lot of red, hydrangea, marigold, etc. Before the arrival of Donjo, we have to complete the flowering work for more than a month. The reporter saw in Roblinka that most of the palaces in the garden have long been placed on the road, and there are many flowers in the park, and the citizens in the park are constantly in the park. Flowers also attracted many people to stop watching.

Unlike the previous year, this year Roblin card introduced, picked up a water lily, and added a hundred meters away from the garden, and added a few points to the park. In addition, in order to strictly implement the requirements of the tourist attractions in the country and the autonomous region, the tourist attractions visiting the tourist attractions, this year, the tourists in the Snowdon Festival strictly control 10,000 people, 5,000 people outside the district. All visitors need to actively cooperate with the Roblin Management Office to implement the "one test, real name registration" system and present the second-generation resident ID card, and the area outside the district will need to show "health code", health code to display green code square Buy ticket. After the tourists have successfully purchased tickets, the original health code and ID card will enter the park from the East Gate on the same day.

Visitors must wear a mask full, actively cooperate with staff, and enter the park through security entrance.

When visiting, the tourists took the distance between 1 meter and cooperated with the full-time staff of the Roblin Management Office to do a good job in diverted work, and prevent the emergence of human flow denseness.

  The opening time is adjusted from 9: 00-21: 00, 17: 30. During the Shedton Festival, the staff of the Roblin staff held all the relevant guarantees.

Here, it is also reminded that the majority of citizens and tourists who come to visit will be civilized, do not lose their garbage, don’t climb the trees, and also contribute to the national civilized city while celebrating the holiday.

(Editor: Hao Jie, Diezi Dong).