“Lao Lu,I kept my promise and brought people back!”
Dean pursed his lips,Look towards white。
Bai Ai saw Fuming,The war spirit in the eyes emerges。
“Combat skills-Wind without phase-will!”
Fuming raised an eyebrow,The way this guy greets is really special!
“Combat skills-Flash of lightning!”
Long sword in Bai Bai hand,The cyan general appears behind him,Volunteer interrupted the halberd to wrap Thunder,Vaillant Unmatched,Qin Kai and the dean watched this happen and did not stop,They also want to see their progress over time。
The touch of the broken god halberd and the constant wind sword,Huge energy writhes wantonly,Everyone watching everything,Qin Kai frowned slightly。
“What kind of panacea did this kid named Ye Fuming take recently?,Strength progresses so fast!”
A smile came to the corner of the dean’s mouth,It seems not surprising。
Chapter Eighty Seven:Finally see Lingxi,Qu Anlie’s compromise