Blue Xinyu,“it is good,Give me a cup of hot water。”
Lu Haocheng’s dismissed got up。

Blue Xin takes out the phone,Boot,Then,Look at it,A food blogger she has been paying attention to,I have uploaded new video,She has a bit of interest,She has not updated the video for a long time.。
When Lu Hao became water back,Just seeing her mobile phone smiling and smiling。
He suddenly had a feeling of making a mobile phone in her hand.。
Blue Xin made a trick,road:“Ah Cheng,You come over,The video of this gourmet blogger is very exciting,Record a bit of dripping in her life。”
NS723chapter:You were eaten last night.
Lu Haocheng listened to this sound,Mood is more likely。
“Blue,Give water first。”
“it is good!”
Blue Xin took the water cup,咕咕 咕 把 水 水,Then handle the cup to Lu Haozheng,Look down on video。
Lu Hao Cheng kicked the shoes,Climb to bed,Sitting around her,It’s so natural that I naturally pulled the quilt to cover two people.,The two did not find this actions.,Lu Hao Cheng did not deliberately do what,Just like it to sit by her,Looking at her, watching her。
There are various small video on the network platform.,He generally doesn’t look。
I don’t know if I have a blogger of these food.。
Video,The food blogger wears an ancient wind,Do a lotus leaf。
Everything is doing yourself,Video is complete quickly,The chicken is doing a model,It’s very appetizing。
Lu Haicheng asked:“Blue,Do you like this lotion??”
Blue Xin looked at him,“Nor,Mainly our life is very busy,Looking at her created her gourmet miracle in her hometown,And her hometown is particularly good.,Self-sufficiency,Sometimes I am too busy.,Occasionally, look at her video,I feel that my mood is very good。”
As for something to eat,She will do a lot,but,Looking at others is also a kind of enjoyment。
“not bad!”
Lu Haozheng nodded。
“right,Don’t look at her video is only a few minutes.,But everything is very careful.,And it is a kind of art presented in front of everyone.。”
Blue Xin also turned over the previous video to Lu Haocheng。
Lu Hao Cheng is unclear,Watch the video in Blue Xin,He suddenly found himself to sit naturally.,his hand,Lightly wrapped behind her,Therefore, I am not careful to take her waist.。
Blue Xin still didn’t find Lu Hao Cheng’s careful machine。
Still serious down to watch video。
Blue Hindler,Suddenly an advertisement,The sound is now playing out,How to make men more lasting?
Blue Xinyi,Quickly point the next video。
She quickly looked at Lu Haozheng,But I saw that Lu Haocheng smiled and watched her.,It’s like laughing,It seems that the advertisement just now is intentionally。
Lan Xin, I found two people sit very close.,And also cover a bed quilt。
Her face is red to the ear,“Lu Hao Cheng,you”“Blue,What’s wrong with me?”