Xiao Fan saw Song Haiyang speak such words to him so impatiently,I really feel helpless in my heart!
this person,He really refuses to let go of any chance?
It seems,Even if I give Song Haiyang how many opportunities,He probably won’t cherish it。
Then in that case,So I had to let Song Haiyang face the reality by himself。
By the time,Even Liu Shanshan can’t help him.!
Thought of here,Xiao Fan said to Song Haiyang:“Song Haiyang,What kind of bet you want to place,You mean,We are still in a hurry to leave?Is it possible that you want to live in a warm home??”
Song Haiyang heard Xiao Fan’s words,It’s just a poker mouth,Then said:“Ghosts want to live here, right!”
After speaking,Song Haiyang immediately realized that when he was just now,Seems to have said something that shouldn’t be said,After all, Liu Shanshan is by her side。
but,Fortunately, when Song Haiyang looked at Liu Shanshan,Liu Shanshan’s mind doesn’t seem to be at the time when he said this sentence,Song Haiyang was relieved now。
He is really afraid that Liu Shanshan will hear this sentence。
after all,Just now,I have already because of a similar sentence,And Liu Shanshan, who was about to provoke, is uncomfortable,If this time,I’ll do it again by myself,Don’t talk about Liu Shanshan,I’m afraid even I will never believe that explanation anymore.。
Seeing Song Haiyang’s relief,Xiao Fan was also amused,Is it really interesting?
Obviously he is very afraid of being heard by Liu Shanshan,But I couldn’t help myself to say these things,I really don’t understand how he thought in his heart。