Fire Fighting Team in Skin Care

In some variety shows, the guest used to rescue the scene is called “fire rescue team”, and skin care products also have “fire rescue masters” who play the role of “fire rescue team”, so that you can solve the urgent need immediately.
  请出“胶原蛋白”来填平  外用胶原蛋白可以细致毛孔,而其中胶原蛋白面膜是最好的外用形式,对皮肤、毛孔的渗透效果比普通面膜高数十倍,可补充高渗透、高吸收The rate of concentrated collagen quickly replenishes the lost collagen in the skin, making you feel that the thick pores and pressure lines on the face are instantly filled and smoothed.
  HOW TO DO Intensive Care 1 Use a fine pores mask for 5 consecutive days a week for intensive care 2 After removing the mask, use toner to further refine the pores.
  3 After cleansing the next day, apply a cold towel on the face for about 5 minutes.
  1> Ice pack The iced lotion is moistened with a cotton pad and applied to the face or a place with large pores, which can have a good convergence effect.
  2> Towel cold compress Put a clean small towel in the refrigerator. After washing your face, gently put an ice towel on your face for a few seconds.
  3> Using fruit to apply face Watermelon peel, lemon peel, etc. can be used to apply face, they have a good effect of astringent soft pores, inhibit oil secretion and whitening.
  4 Lemon juice for face wash For people with oily skin, you can put a few drops of lemon juice in clean water when washing your face. In addition to condensing pores, it can also reduce the occurrence of acne and facial pimples.
  Advice from celebrity beauty expert Jinsha 1 The moisturizing mask has few restrictions. You can do intensive maintenance for several days in a row, or you can do regular maintenance 1 to 2 times a week. Use it before makeup in the morning to make the makeup more convincing.
  2 Water-washing moisturizing mask should be slightly thicker when applied, forming a layer of film, blocking the contact between skin and air, so as to better exert the moisturizing and repairing effect of the mask.
  3 Applying the mask in a humid environment can enhance the moisturizing effect, so you may wish to apply the mask while taking a hot bath. The indoor heating can help improve the skin’s absorption of nutrients.
  4 Soak the unpacked moisturizing mask in warm water for 3 to 5 minutes, and then apply it on the face, which can open the pores when heated, and accelerate the absorption of skin care products.
  5 When choosing a moisturizing spray, you can judge whether it contains high salt content through taste. The heavier the salty taste, the higher the chloride content, and the greater the irritation to the skin.
  6 Since everyone’s skin is different, it’s best to try it out before buying.
  Generally speaking, uncomfortable spraying or rashes such as itching and redness on the face are symptoms of adverse reactions.
  Moisturizing Mask & Moisturizing Spray The Moisturizing Mask is the most effective first-aid method for drying skin. Moisturizing masks are usually soaked with moisturizing essence, which can immediately replenish the moisture in the stratum corneum, so that dry skin becomes tender and radiant within minutes.
  The moisturizing spray is mainly convenient to carry. In addition to hydrating the skin anytime and anywhere, it can also adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, soothe skin pressure, resist allergies, and increase the skin’s natural protective function.
  HOW TO DO 1 Pat the face gently, let the skin heat up, and then apply the mask, which will absorb better.
  2 Apply the mask, you can cover a layer of cling film on the mask, so that all the moisturizing essence can not run out.
  3 When the mask is quick-drying, apply acupressure to achieve a soothing effect.
  4 Finally, cover with hot towel and press for about 5 seconds, then repeat it 3 to 5 times.
  5 After using the moisturizing spray, do not use tissue paper to absorb it immediately. Instead, gently press with your hand to help the skin absorb quickly.
  6 Moisturizing sprays should usually be applied every two or three hours.