Modern Express News (correspondent Shengwei is a homage environment, the old community is replaced "," the wishes of the people pursue the beautiful life of civilization as the starting point and the foothold, coordinate the "hardware ‘and the’ software" of the city. Continuously improve the happiness and satisfaction of the masses.

"In the creation of civilized cities, Binhai County has grown from the people concerned from the masses, and always adhere to the creation of the people, builds sharing, better gathering people and intensive people, and comprehensively enhance the level of urban livability.

This year, Binhai County will improve the old community renovation and promote the full coverage of the property service. "I have a practical thing for the masses" practice activities, through new monitoring equipment, replant green, add parking space, install smart charging pile, etc. , Comprehensively improve the public infrastructure equipment of the transformation community. At the same time, focus on solving 30 old communities without material service, multi-partial introduction of property enterprises to manage, realize regularization of community environmental health, public order, etc., and effectively improve the sense of happiness of residents. Under the joint efforts of the county’s large number of joint efforts, the uncivilized phenomenon of chaos and throwing the garbage is less, and the courtesy of each other is more, the street market is clean and ordered, the residential community is beautiful and inexhae, the public welfare advertising can be seen everywhere, the ecology The new picture showed the results of civilized cities.

"We have solidly promoted all work, strictly follow the creation standards, focus on key areas and weak links, accurate effort, project item by item, and continuously do the city environment, improve urban quality, and make the creation more benefits and people." Binhai County The person in charge of the Civilization Office said.

Improve the traffic environment, before the zebra crossing, civilization, for a city, civilization is the best label, the most beautiful background, civilized transportation is a "barometer" that reflects the degree of social civilization, is related to the public’s livable sense and happiness . At the intersection of the Hong Kong City Avenue and the Xiangyang Road, the vehicle consciously parked in front of the zebra crossing, "the car makes people, people have passed" has formed a tacit understanding. "I used to cross the road, no one, now crossing the road is the vehicle, the pedestrians are also more and more rules, not red light, not casually crossing the road.

"Although the zebra crossing is just a few lines, it is a window showing the city civilization, people are ruined, the car is a helmet, and the red light, urban transport can be more civilized, and the public order is more good. "Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Binhai County Traffic Patrol Brigade," We will "car people" as a breakthrough in improving urban traffic order, guide the civilization of civilization through these behaviors to promote urban transportation civilization, new fashion is formed. "The damaged channel is fixed in time, the barrier-free facilities cover the city corner, the electric car is arranged instead and orderly … In the process of creating a national civilized city, the color of the coastal value has greatly improved.

"We improve the municipal facilities, rectify the main roadway, improve road quality, powder brush out of the new wall, ensure the city is clean and tidy." The relevant person in charge of the Binhai County Urban Management Bureau said that the county adheres to the people-oriented, creating a civilized city creation activities Initiative

Strive to do a good job, volunteer service is blowing a new style is the main body of the city, and the civilization of the public is directly related to the civilization of the city. Since this year, Binhai combined with "I have practical practical" in the masses "and" two in two "build new work action, innovation management model, optimization service method, extensive collection of public opinion, to solve the problems of the concerns of the masses with heart, guide the participation Urban refined management to help civilized cities create work. "The masses are the main force created by the city. Everyone actively participates in support, and creates work to obtain source of power.

"Small Plum, who is cleaning the road, said today, the coastal, one to watch to moral model, strive to Chongde to good citizens, strive for civilized units, civilized villages, civilized families … family harmony, neighborhood harmonious civilization The new wind is a common, and everyone will jointly contribute to the city, adding a bright color to the civilized environment. For the coastal, the creation is not only a "butterfly change" process that transcends self, and it is also a proactive sprint of "inside and outside."

"Don’t say, we have both enrich life in the process of participating, and also improved yourself!" With the in-depth advancement of the people’s livelihood project, the condensation of a huge civilized magnetic field, the seeds of civilization have been rooted Coastal small town, the cultivation of the citizen’s good deeds, the consciousness of the merchant integrity, volunteers, warm service, with an invisible force to promote economic and social high quality development.

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