People’s Daily Online October 16 (Pool Dream) is a strong atmosphere to form a community governance, governance, shared sharing, on the morning of October 16th, Dongcheng District held the 3rd "Community Neighborhood" in Mingcheng Wall Ruins Park The branch launching ceremony is launched in synchronization with the city. The "community neighborhood" is a week, and 17 streets have set up a venue. 168 communities in the whole district surrounded more than 300 lots of activities around the "concentricity to the party, good neighbors; welcoming winter Olympics, harmonious communities". Community activities, more than 30,000 people participated in the event. This event setting "Cultural Neighborhood · Most East Flowers" "Harmony Neighborhood · Favorite Donghua" Exhibition areas and opening ceremonial performances, through non-legacy display, public welfare display, community service display, community governance results show, winter theme event, scenario interactive performance, etc., let residents feel a four-season show, bird language flower , Ritual and music, ecological livable Donghua City, promote the formation of a community governance community that has been shared together. On the day of the "Community Neighborhood Festival", all communities in the whole district held the activities of the people who were happy, guiding community residents from the home, and met the neighborhood family, and the event highlights.

At the end of Chaoyangmen Street, the neighborhood of the community, there are 14 booths, attracting residents to go out of their houses and walk into the alley.

Members of the volunteer service team played their respective director, hairdressing, maintenance, planting, providing convenient services for residents; making candied gourds, marshmallows, popcorn, to serve the residents. Delicious food.

Members of the drum team and the non-legacy team seriously explained the traditional cultural knowledge, and the residents who love reading were also founded in the book stall. The scene also showed the copy of the party and the content of the residents. Old objects.

The relevant person in charge said, through the 3rd "Community Neighborhood" event, forming a good situation in human support, homes to participate in the neighborhoods, to help each other, so that "distant relatives is not as close to neighbor" In every detail of life, the neighborhood of spreading, friendship, and mutual assistance, passing up, good, to the community spirit of the United States, achieving family business, family governance, home construction. (Editor: Yin Xingyun, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.