Xinhuanet Chongqing November 12th (Zhao Qian) In order to speed up the revitalization of rural resolution, the large-scale, multi-field, and deeply rapidly promote the national digital pilot construction.

Through digital empowerment, promote rural residence, a development of rich farmers, digital rules, and service convenience development. Rural Digital Economic New State Development Rapid Absolutely Develops New Agricultural Industry and Digital Systems and Digital Systems and Demonstrations of Intelligent Agricultural Production Management Management.

Around the aroma, big foot black goat, the sericulture, etc.

At the same time, build a new intelligence agricultural basic chain public service platform, using block chain technology, focusing on agricultural planting farming, agricultural product production management, agricultural finance services, providing data trusted license, security sharing ability, for product traceability, Provide basic capacity support, and production supervision, financial services, etc., as well as digital service systems and applications such as agricultural products e-commerce and land management services.

  At present, the fragrance industry of the large feet area has built 10,000 mu of aromatic industry bases, forming more than 20 core formulations, and the 2000-acre rural tourism core area has been seen. This year, the wisdom sericulture industry will directly drive more than 20 villages more than 1,000 farmers develop together. The country’s digital governance has achieved a significant large-scale, in-depth development of grassroots, social governance, build a new model of scientific, system-level, innovative rural digital governance. In terms of public security prevention and control, the model "three-screen joint transport, promotion of three-level joint defense; two-end interoperability, sweep monitoring blind point", use the safe monitoring linkage platform, set the town-level monitoring command and large screen, village-level monitoring split screen and farmers small Platform, promote town, village (community), family three-level joint defense association linkage. Install intelligent camera in an important area of ??specialty industrial base, rural hospital dam, public place, etc. . Jijia Town is the theme of building "smart season", through the "Internet +" information technology application, to create a peaceful season wisdom cloud platform, as of now, in an important intersection, event square, traffic persuasion station, etc. set "big speaker + peace Monitor 13, it is expected to reach more than 30 this year.

  Rural digital public service levels continue to improve in rural digital public services, focus on the construction of 5 digital public service systems such as medical, pension, education, law and talent informationization.

In particular, the "Smart Map" is built, bringing together the basic information of the 6,000,000 residential people in the whole district, and establishes a complete service file for more than 4,600 special difficulties, and integrates the management of 173 community pension services (facilities).

A mutual pension model has been established in 122 villages, providing pension consultant services to the elderly people, basically realizing the intelligent analysis applications of the basic data of pension services, the development of the pension service business and the quality supervision of the service quality supervision, comprehensively improve the field of pension services " Wisdom, integrated, synergization, standardization, industrialization. It is expected that the end of this year, the large-scale area will build an industrial digital application model and realize the rapid development of rural digital economy. Through the pilot, a batch of copyable and promotional practices in the overall planning design, institutional mechanism innovation, technology integration, development environment, and promote the comprehensive development of digital rural construction in the region.