"The subsidy is finally got!" Recently, the villagers of Changjiang Village, Qiqiao Town, Qijiang County, Sichuan Province, were very excited, and they got subsidies with him, and 79 farmers in the town.

  Previously, the Luzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has proposed a big data analysis of the city’s million mass issues. Screening the people reflecting the concentration in the city, carrying out the "ten practical activities to solve the people’s concern" activities in the city, and urge agricultural rural bureaus, transportation The nine hostial departments of the Bureau, the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau further fulfilled their duties, and realized the problem of troubled the problem of troubled the masses. Li Yansheng has been working hard. He spends 3,600 yuan this year to buy a micro-tillage machine and immediately declare purchase subsidies. However, half a year passed, still did not get the 924 yuan purchase subsidy, which was great, and it was a little troublesome.

Hejiang County Agricultural Rural Affairs Bureau conducts great visit to the county, and found that the subsidy of agricultural machinery purchases in Bridge town was more common. It turned out that Dashi Town was responsible for Wang Wang, who was dedicated to the subsidies, did not report the subsidy information of the purchase farmer in time. "Because the individual ‘slow as’, ‘card’ lives to subsidize the people’s subsidy, damaging the interests of the people, must be seriously dealt with." Subsequently, Hejiang County Agricultural Rural Area immediately held a special meeting to implement rectification, and issued a purchase subsidy for 80 farmers such as Li Yansin within 4 days, and gave Wang’s government warning punishment.

"The supervision of the discipline inspection authority not only promotes our work, but also greatly enhances the happiness of the masses.

"Zhou Honghua, Party Secretary, Director of the Agricultural Rural Bureau of Luzhou City, said that the public is fully related to the concern, the agricultural rural departments have comprehensively combed practical list, and the timetable is clearly rectified, and the task is completed on schedule. Under the supervision of the discipline inspection, the responsible department Promoting results. Zhong Tong Road in Chi Shui Town, Xu Yong County, caused the sidewalk to be broken due to heavy rain, the road is damaged, at the time, more than 600 fruit farmers are very urgent. The county transportation bureau and the road administration department timely rescue repair, trimmed the road, Let the fruit go out smoothly.

  "I didn’t expect that I made a reservation, they went to the door, and I didn’t have a good 10 minutes.

"Dashan Ping Street, Jiangyang District, Li Hui’an old man to give the property to her daughter, due to the inconvenience of the disease, the staff will directly go to the door. The Cangzhou City Real Estate Registration Center is in the group of people who cannot do things in the scene," you Appointment · I will do "service, please send the real estate registration service to the door through online appointment.

  "The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission" promotes the ten practical "activities to solve the people’s concern, that is to accurately supervise the various departments at all levels, put the people as a direction, satisfied the masses as the standard, and solidly solve the problem of strong problems, continue Improve cadres, strive to make the masses’ gain more and more sustainable, safe sense of security, truly let the people ‘voices’ change’ applause ‘. "Said the person in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission. In order to ensure the implementation of the people’s concern, there is an echo, and the Cangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission has established a special supervision team, and the first-line supervision is carried out. It is weak to work, the measures are not strong, the results are not obvious, and the implementation "once reminded, Two income, three accountability "work mechanisms. Up to now, the city has collected 8152 pieces of mass issues involved in "ten practical", and the satisfaction rate of the masses reached 1%.