People’s Network Beijing September 6 (Pool Dream) September 6th, the 8th Beijing Cultural Integration Development Project Cooperation Promotion will be held in Beijing. As one of the 2021 China International Service Trade Trading Association Services Forum, the 8th Project Cooperation Promotion will be appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology Cultural Development Center, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, Beijing Culture and Tourism Bureau, Beijing Sports Bureau jointly hosted.

This promotion will consist of the "digital culture to promote the new development of new development of the capital", the home activities are composed of key projects, report release, theme speeches, project promotion, etc.

Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, Wang Jie, Secretary of the Beijing Film Bureau, Miao Lifeng, Secretary of the Director of the Beijing Retired Military Affairs Bureau, the Secretary of the Party Secretary of the Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing State Cultural Assets Management Center, Director Liu Shaojian And other leaders attend the meeting.

In the speech, Wang Jun’s three dimensions from cultural finance, cultural science and technology, cultural and related industries pointed out that integration is an important support for the high quality development of cultural industries, embraces the digital age and satisfying the yearning of people’s better life.

She said that Beijing has a deep history, and the cultural and creative resources are gathered, and the cross-border development opportunities are broad. I hope that entrepreneurs will seize the opportunities such as Beijing Construction International Digital Economy Reserve City and International Consumer Center. They have a big business in Beijing to win the future.

Gathering, 44 key projects on-site cooperation, contracting culture is closely working in cross-areas of other industries, is the key to enhancing the innovation capacity of cultural industries, empowering cultural industries, promoting cultural undertakings and cultural industries better and faster development.

This promotion contributing to 87 cultural integration development signing projects, with a total of billion yuan, 44 projects signed on the spot, from Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau, Beijing Retired Military Affairs Bureau, Shijingshan District Texture Center , Tencent Technology Company, Beijing Publishing Group, Beijing Performing Arts Group, Beijing Distribution Group, Beijing Wentan Group, Beijing Gehua Media Group, Beijing International Advertising Media Group, Beijing North Wen Asset Management Co., Ltd., Qingdao Haier Industry Development Co., Ltd. and other cultural and related The field of enterprises or institutions have conducted on-site signing. Blue book release, a "report" to help integrate development direction vigorously promote the integration of cultural and science and technology, need to conduct direction guidelines based on multi-dimensional scientific analysis of industrial development, characteristics, cases. At the promotion meeting, the director of the Science and Technology Research Center of the Beijing Science and Technology Research Institute released and interpreted the "Beijing Cultural Science and Technology Fusion Development Report (2020-2021)". The report analyzed the development characteristics and trend of the Beijing cultural industry, and gave a comprehensive evaluation of Beijing cultural science and technology integration, through investigating the overall progress of Beijing cultural science and technology integration, analyzing the advantages of Beijing culture and technology integration and short board I proposed the countermeasures proposed to promote the depth of Beijing Cultural Science and Technology, providing theoretical research support and government decision-making reference in promoting the integration development of Capital Cultural Science and Technology.

Interpretation of the trend, the integration of domestic experts to offer digital technology and cultural content, it is not only a strong stronger of the cultural industry, but also has a significant significance for the cultural construction of the capital.

The present invention also invited two guests of Chen Shaofeng and Blue Corporation Group CEO Pan Fei, deputy dean of Peking University Cultural Industry Research Institute, and the "Digital Culture Help the New Development Pattern Construction". Precision docking, multi-field integration project is exciting at the present morning, Daxing Airlines Tourism Festival, China Aesthetics Genumank, Beijing Smart Electric Race Center and Blue Star Smart Evaluation System 4 projects have been introduced in the event main venue .

Daxing Air Tourism Festival rely on the convenience of Beijing Daxing International Airport, with the theme of "Air Travel", providing a variety of consumers with a variety of consumers.

The Chinese aesthetic gene warehouse, the development, preservation and dissemination of the modern information technology, the development, preservation and dissemination of the modern information technology, and the development, preservation and communication of the Chinese aesthetic culture.

The country’s first smart electric competition center in Shangyui City is introduced to the park with 5G cloud technology into the park. The "Blue Star Smart Evaluation System" brought by Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. adopts emotionally perceived advanced technology, providing efficient solutions for traditional video production industries, promoting cultural and science and technology integration.

It is reported that this promotion will have a total of 6 activities for 2 days, the main venue, and the branch field.

For the first time, a multi-game promotion activity is held in the form of "main venue + branch", and the topics, focusing on 5 special promotions such as cultural science and technology, cultural tourism, cultural and financial, cultural sports, cultural industrial parks, and more accurately. In order to introduce corporate docking cooperation resources.

On the morning of September 5th, the theme of "Digital Transformation and Helping Cultural Industrial Park", held a special promotion of cultural industrial park in Xicheng District, Tianning No.1 Cultural Science and Technology Innovation Park, organized 10 projects to conduct site promotion, invited the park Representative conduct topics discussions. On the afternoon of September 5, the theme of "Digital New Technology, Wenbao New Consumption", carried out cultural tourism integration special promotion in Fengtai District, Beijing National Digital Publishing Base, organized 11 projects to conduct on-site roadshows. The three key projects of cultural and scientific, sports, and financial integration were performed on September 6th. Cultural and Technology and Sports are surrounded around the "digital communication, cultural upgrading" theme, and organize 12 projects for site promotion.

Cultural Financial Integration Themes surrounded the theme of "Intellectual Property Financing Help Culture Enterprises" Ben ‘Capital ", inviting experts to conduct a chair, organize guests to carry out special seminars, and organize representatives of financial institutions to show, and organize 5 representative projects. Road move.

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