Original title: July, the first trading day: Shanghai and deep two cities volume enlarged to break the trillion yuan to the first trading day in July, the transactions in Shanghai and Shenzhen have enlarged, with a total of more than 1 trillion yuan.On the day of the year, I opened 3,600 points on the station. After touching the high point, I lost this integer bit again, and there was a weak volatility.The tail of Shanghai index reflects the report, and the decline in the previous trading day is%.The city is relatively weak.I have deprecated that I referred to the report points, the fall, and the decline is%.The GEM index falls%, collecting points.Kokchuang 50 index closed report, the decline is%.Most of the Shanghai and Shenzhen two countries have fallen down.The new stock of Kechuang Board is listed on the market, the first day of the year is close to 360%.

  In the Shanghai and Shenzhen, two cities have changed the recent continuous shrinkage situation, with a total of 450.6 billion yuan and 56.3 billion yuan, and the total amount exceeded 1 trillion yuan.

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