Just listen to a pounce,This guy suddenly rushed towards Xia Jian like a flash。Although Xia Jian has never seen this,But he just glanced at it and knew how fierce this guy was, So before this guy jumps at him,He has adjusted his squat position。
Shout,Big wild cat leaped over Xia Jian’s head,There is a strong smell in a strong wind。Just when Xia Jian squatted,The wooden stick in Xia Jian’s hand also swept out diagonally。
Just listen to the snap,This stick just swept across the belly of the big wild cat。I don’t know how this guy hurts,But the wooden stick in Xia Jian’s hand has been folded into two pieces。
Not only did the wild cat not catch food,Instead, Xia Jian swept his stomach with a stick。It leaped a few meters away before holding back its steps,But its response is particularly flexible,Immediately turned around and pounced on Xia Jian。
Two rounds,Xia Jian’s beating heart stabilized。When the big wild cat pounces on him again,He suddenly got up,I stretched out my hands and grabbed the branches of a big tree,The whole person shook his body and reached mid-air。
Big wild cat pounces again,It turns around,Opened his mouth,Showing fangs。It walks around on the ground,Yelling loudly,The vegetation on the ground torn by the front paws flies around,Looks really scary。
Qin Xiaomin and Feng Xiaowei hiding in the grass,Too scared to move。 The big wild cat glanced at Xia Jian hanging in the air,Suddenly pounced into the air。
Fortunately, Xia Jian was prepared,He swings his legs,The whole body has shrunk to the tree pole。This guy is out again,Bumped into the grass,Hit a bit hard。
Xia Jian hanging on a tree pole,I’m still very scared。He was afraid of this guy climbing the tree,Attack him from the tree,That would be miserable。
At this critical moment。Suddenly there was a strange sound in the forest,From far to near。In seconds,Xia Jian felt that the sound was two or three meters away。
The weird thing is,After this big wild cat crashed into the bush,I ran away when I heard this sound,I feel so afraid of this sound。Xia Jian let go of his holding heart。When he was about to jump from the tree,An old man with a childlike face rushes,The purple robe on his body is very conspicuous。
“master!“Xia Jian yelled,He jumped down in midair。