Jingpu is a bit speechless,This……It really has nothing to do with me。
only……Jing Pu Yue explained,This Di Chen seems to be less convinced。
In the end, Jingpu didn’t explain it,And discuss with Di Chen,Let this dragon horse stay here。
after all,Jingpu can’t fly with swords,There is this flying horse,very convenient。
Jingpu Dang nodded and said yes,It’s fine to raise them directly in Jingpu,From now on this will be Jingpu alone。
finally,Di Chen just left Jingpu’s yard,I don’t know if it’s too much,I was scared when I saw this dragon horse just now,This Di Chen limped on foot,Shaky,Like drunk。
After sending Di Chen away,Jingpu frowned when he looked at Jin Zhu Hongtie in his hand,This thing seems to be of good quality……
Jingpu thought for a while,Raised eyebrows,otherwise……Get some hoes,Shovel or something?
When Jingpu came back,I just remembered that I haven’t bought a hoe yet,Shovel or something。
I am going to grow things in my yard tomorrow,To plow the ground,I can’t do it myself。
Even though there were huge swords in my pocket before,But those things are carefully made by Jingpu,Although it’s not useful in this world of cultivating immortals,But anyhow it was my own hard work,I’m talking about cutting the ground with a sword,It’s not ridiculous。
Just do it,Jingpu《Ingenuity》Is also at the top,Make a few hoes,Shovel or something,Not even half an hour。
Go back to an alchemy room in the house,Jingpu took out his own stove,This stove is called Bagua stove,It has the same name as the stove in the mythical novels on Earth,Is a gift from the system。
Although this is a gossip furnace,But I just don’t know if there are the so-called four gods in it,Six Ding Shenhuo,Of course,Jingpu thinks it is definitely not,It’s impossible for the system to really give yourself the gossip stove。
But there is indeed flame inside this skull,And the temperature is quite high,After all, the system produced,It was given after reaching the top,Not too bad。
Immediately,Jingpu began refining。
early morning,The Excalibur Sect is hidden in the clouds and mist,Near Wanzong Festival,Everyone has a lot to do besides practicing,Bustling people,A lot。