This towering cathedral is located in the southwest of the island,The statues of the twelve disciples of Jesus are delicately carved on the periphery of the building,The multicolored glaze-colored huge windows cast many magical colors on its sacredness。
With the ringing of church bells,And the white dove that flutters its wings to welcome guests,Xu Tian walked into the hall inside the church。
A sculpture of the Crucifixion with a tulle on a huge cross in the distance,Even the facial features are clearly visible。An unmanned oath stand stands in the center,And the side is reserved for the choir,Neat rows of seats,There is a copy in the storage bag at the back of each chair《Bible》,The road leading to the oath is full of white flowers on both sides,As if telling people,A solemn and sacred wedding will be held here on weekends,And the two newcomers will exchange rings here……
It may also be an exchange of bullets……
“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”
“Bang bang bang!Bang bang bang!Bang bang bang!”
Xu Tian saw the pigeons in the church flying around by gunshots,There are two people chasing and shooting in the church hall。
One man and one woman,The man is using an automatic rifle,And the woman uses a pair of short-handled double guns。The two of them saw Xu Tianhou,Stopped on both sides of the oath stand,Formed an angle with Xu Tian walking on the passage。
“You came?Don’t mean it,Wait for me to have a break with this girl……”After Li Xiyou took off his sunglasses,To Xu Tian。
“no problem,I do it myself。”Xu Tian said it,Lying directly on a bench in the church,Become an audience looking forward to the show。
“Humph!Overweight stick!”The female player spoke in Japanese。
Li Xiyou jumped over the bench as soon as he turned over,Escaped the opponent’s shooting,Raise one hand,A bullet hit the Japanese woman’s arm。
“hateful!Let you see Iga’s Chikage-ryu!”Japanese woman put away double gun,Quickly made a series of knot printing gestures with both hands。
I saw the Japanese woman suddenly emit a purple beam,Split into two instantly,Two into three!Three women in black with exactly the same appearance appeared in front of Xu Tian。