Said nothing,Lift the iron rod directly towards Pan Zhendong。
The difference between Han Genji and Pan Zhendong is,He wants his life,Never just talk。
Iron rod falling,There is no shocked expression on Sun Xin’s face.,Obviously this is not the first time I have seen such a scene。
Seeing the iron rod smashed by Han Genji,Pan Zhendong hurriedly hid behind Wang Yufei,And Wang Yufei, who couldn’t avoid it, closed her eyes tightly.。
“Are you filming??”
Wang Yufei, who closed her eyes tightly, did not wait for the pain to relieve herself,I’m sure I got a strange voice。
open one’s eyes,Wang Yufei couldn’t help covering her mouth,Not let her scream。
Dozens of policemen with countless prisoners are surrounding themselves,Not only Wang Yufei alone,Everyone has forgotten what they are doing。
Watching this battle,The police must have heard the news in advance,Kill an organization,And I’m not very lucky,When the immortal class teacher returns to the court,Passed here。
“Kige,I believe you will never betray your brother,But this battle seems to be the rhythm of being beaten up.!”
Sun Xin joined Han Genji’s side,Not to mention that the brothers are all wearing motorcycle suits,Just the iron rod in your hand,There is no way to explain。
“Don’t speak!”
Han Genji turned around and reprimanded,Then while looking towards Xiang Chen for help,I also told Xiang Chen about my previous experience with Yan Xiaoyi。
Winked at Xiangyang on the other side,The latter knows,Together with Mo Mo, Yan Xiaoyi started his heart building。
“Boss,We are really victims,Look at me!”
Talking,Han Genji is about to undress to show Xiang Chen that he was beaten to protect Yan Xiaoyi,But Xiang Chen pressed his unbuttoned hand。
“I believe you!”