“You are capable?entireANo one in the city can beat his people!”At this moment Liu Yong was a little excited,The next moment it will break out directly,“Do you have an official status?Are you the leader?Or you have an army to fight the tower?Don’t say anything else!”
“Ha ha,My name is Zhang Qiang,It’s from the Zhang family。”Man faint way,“Oh,correct,It’s the Zhang family of the five major families in China。”
“Zhangjia.”Zhang Yong was stunned when he heard this。
Although everyone’s surname is Zhang,But the Zhang family that the person in front of me said is not something he can compare to。
Five major families in China,The reason for saying this is because the five major families have had the highest head,The national leader。
of course,Now the Zhang family is not the strongest among the five big families,Because now I’m in charge of another family。But this will not affect the Zhang family’s status in China。
Just mention the family,In addition to the five families,Other families are not recognized in China。
So when I heard Zhang Qiang talk about the Zhang family of the five big families,Zhang Yong’s eyes changed。
“I,Am I related to the Zhang family??Am i illegitimate?”
At this time, what Zhang Yong thought in his mind was that he might be a descendant of a certain Zhang family.,With such an identity,Maybe I can stand up and call the shots?It turns out that God is not blind,It’s just a little late to give myself revenge,Is that right?
But the next moment,His vision was broken。
“Ha ha,Think too much,Your blood has nothing to do with our Zhang family。I just want to help you。of course,I didn’t have any expectations of you。The meaning of your existence,It just made Qin Feng uncomfortable,But I will also give you enough help。If you can really hit Qin Feng,Maybe it’s not impossible to give you a chance to marry。”