Causing emotions will change your life

Bad mood NO.

1: Hostile experts found that: “Enemy sentiment” caused concern, every 1% increase in pessimism, the risk of heart disease increased by 6 substitutes.

Because the long-term stagnation of “hostile sentiment” will damage the immune system of the male body, it will also exert pressure on the heart system, which will seriously damage the heart.

  Solution: Practice the mind, and the mind is peacefully cooperating with others, knowing that you can become a person’s achievement.

  Bad mood NO.

2: Restoring emotional out of control by medical scientists called “re-emotional disorder” refers to emotional illness caused by weather changes.

Especially in the winter, the sun shines for a short time, and the scenery of all things is bleak. At this time, men who are particularly sensitive to the environment and climate will have symptoms of depression, extreme fatigue, lethargy and greed and loss of interest in everything.Will cause the normal function of the body to decline.

  Solution: exercise and massage, refuse a single diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, enjoy the sun and participate in outdoor activities.

And improve the indoor natural light and fully enjoy the winter fun, such as fire, books and music.

  Bad mood NO.

3: The amount of anger is much higher. The B vitamins associated with energy metabolism are consumed too much, and the lack of vitamin B1 leads to temper and forgetfulness.

The lack of B3 is related to fear, and the lack of B6 leads to a decline in thinking ability.

In addition, when the meat is eaten more, the level of adrenaline in the body will increase, and it will be more likely to make people angry.

  Solution: Add rose tea or hawthorn single foam, add beer in moderation.

Lotus root is a good product, radish raw (such as stomach disease can be called radish soup) is also a natural anger.

  Bad mood NO.

4: Sadness From a scientific point of view, people feel sad because of the long-term imbalance of amino acids in the body.

In addition, if the lack of magnesium in the body is also a potential cause of men’s sadness.

  Solution: Thick bone soup, vitamin C will help to suppress sadness.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that there are more than 20 types of foods ingested daily, of which no less than five kinds of vegetables and fruits.

  Bad mood NO.

5: Suspicious and suspicious people are still uneasy, which causes loss of appetite and nutritional problems.

The study found that vegetarianism affects the use of energy by cells and disrupts the synthesis and release of neurotransmitters in brain tissue, making it easier to increase suspicion.

In addition, long-term lack of zinc in the diet may also lead to emotional instability and suspiciousness.

  Solution: Appropriate eating of meat and marine products can improve mood, and occasionally eating a small amount of snacks can also make people’s psychological safety index rise.

  Bad mood NO.

6: Depressed blood sugar in the blood of the ecstasy can lead to depression.

In addition, mercury poisoning is also an important cause of depression, such as the mushroom head, the dry fungus may contain mercury, enough to cause men’s emotional disaster.

  Solution: Add enough carbohydrates, preferably cereals.

In addition, when eating dried vegetables such as mushroom fungus, soak for at least 10 minutes and rinse repeatedly with running water.

  Bad mood NO.

7: Do you fear men will feel scared?

Of course, and they often surround fear, but they don’t express it easily.

In the event of letting men feel fear and uneasiness, the biggest worry is that in terms of career development, the stress caused by work is also the most harmful to their health.

Another thing that men fear is to lose their independence and must rely on the care of others. When men have problems with their health, they are more afraid than women.

  Solution: Keep in touch with friends and family, and decompress yourself at the right time.

Ask a psychiatrist for help if necessary.

  Positive and Negative Emotions Affect Life Length An important study in 2001 called “Sister Study” explores the relationship between positive emotions in our early years and our overall longevity.The researchers looked for 180 nuns (sisters are good subjects because they live in a more regular environment).

Psychologists studied the diaries written by the 180 nuns in their 20s and found clues about the positive emotions revealed inside them.

They progressively segmented the nuns: one with more positive emotions and the other with less positive emotions.

Then compare the positive emotions at a young age with the mortality rate after 60 years, when the nuns who are still alive are about 80 to 90 years old.

The researchers found that only 10 of the group of nuns with less positive emotions were alive; but the group of nuns with more positive emotions still lived up to 25 people!

When comparing all 180 nuns, nuns with more positive emotions live an average of 10 years older than a group!

  If we compare it to other factors that are harmful to health, we know that smoking will probably reduce life expectancy by 10 years, and obesity will extend life expectancy by about 7 to 10 years.

This can be roughly inferred how great the impact of “relative emotions” on people’s longevity!

  Positive and negative emotions need to balance the famous emotional expert – John of Seattle University.
With positive and amplitude emotions of five to one as the baseline, it is predicted which couples will divorce after 10 years, and the couple will still be together.

In 1992, Professor Gottman pointed out that in a marriage or love relationship, if the ratio of positive emotional interaction and relative emotional interaction between husband and wife is five to one, the couple will grow old.

If it is lower than this ratio, or even positive, the doping sentiment is close to one to one, then the couple is likely to divorce.

Ten years later, in 2002, the research team found that their prediction accuracy was as high as 94%!

Such correct predictions are very rare achievements for any psychologist!

  Think about it, just look at the 15-minute personality of a couple, you can predict that after 10 years, they will continue to be together or divorce, knowing how positive and negative emotional interaction ratio has a profound impact on human behavior!

It’s not just about marriage or love, it’s the same for general relationships.

And this principle applies equally to workplace relationships.

  We are fortunate to increase positive emotions in life, not as difficult as losing weight or quitting smoking.

It just takes a little bit of hard work, and from now on, everyone can start to do it.