His father was seriously ill, surgery costs money, it takes hundreds of thousands of their family all their savings out are inadequate.

  His father was a primary 北京夜网school teacher, so their home school teacher has been living in the apartment, the house being regarded as a teacher, you can live in it, but you can not resell the house.
  Some time ago he was on sick mother spent all her savings, save his mother did not come back last.
  To my father Minato surgery, hit a lot of parts of his day workers, almost is not how to go to school, the school was also given a warning.
  But is there any way that he can not watch their father go to hell.
  He looked at his fingers, slender and clear joint, every time someone saw his hand, will boast that he is painting hand.
  But now what use is it, is not the same to peel shrimp to the guests in the club.
  The thought here is that he secretly looked up and saw a girl with relish watching TV, she seems to be afraid of this cold air conditioning relationship, so wear a jacket, but also to take a scarf to cover the legs.
  She looked beautiful, beautiful to Judson that he had never seen such a beautiful girl in school.
  Has just been selected, he is very confused mind a man being insulted feeling wells up with the money, he even wanted to put his hands all the things lost, and turned to leave.
  His dignity does not allow others to insult him so.
  But the thought of his father’s illness, he still bear down, his father is still waiting for his money help.
  He worked as a waiter started coming here when the only simply as a waiter, in this period there will be some of the greasy aunt took the opportunity to touch the hand, every time he would wash hands for a long time, mainly feel sick.
  How these people can be so sick of it.
  ”You do not eat it?These things can also be Oh.”Crisp voice interrupted his train of thought,” as well as wine, drink it?”
  He looked at the silent push guests to champagne in front of him, there is a degree of this wine, champagne open in the ice bucket, glass front has been poured wine.
  Since the guests asked him to drink, he can say what.
  He would have thought it was more disgusting night, but the other one started to respect him feel a lot better.
  The other party can not so polite to him, but she still smiling at him his name, and he did not care to eat, he feels has been very good, so now.
  He Naqijiubei to gulp, wiping her lips, immediately poured himself a second cup.
  Although champagne is not very high degree, but because he had never drunk alcohol relations, thin flush contracted his face, made him look a bit with color.
  Lin Han watched him drink so fierce: “.”

  ”FML!How is this going?”

  Pei boat frantically ran to the bed, lying in bed a positive Siyangbacha only big fox, Osmond often asleep will change back to the original state, he is also not surprising that the.
  At this point, Pei boat quickly pushing a few large fox, the other on the “shabu” to look into peop南宁桑拿le.
  Osmond rubbed his eyes: “how, today is not the weekend yet?Also go to work ah?”
  ”I also asked How about you?Downstairs those people is how ah?”
  Osmond also surprised, ran to the window looked dumbfounded.
  ”Do not worry, do not worry.I look at the brain light.”
  Osmond also do not know how this is going, but when he opened the back of the head light, immediately jump to the headlines, but it is so they both shocked.
  - “suspected hidden marriage and have children, Osmond and veterinary Pei?· HD big picture [included kissing scene photos] ”

Chapter 99 doctors punch ninety-ninth Tian Pei
  Osmond stared at this news, long time, a slight movement of his Adam’s apple, move your finger opening the News.
  Guangping flash, a huge photo, occupies the entire sight of his boat and Pei.
  Background photos in a secluded corner of the examination venue.
  They stood in a PEI boat being put hands on Osmond’s shoulders, face the initiative went over to look, like he does from this point of kissing Osmond.
  Osmond posture erect and standing in front of Pei boat, hanging full of eyes in the form of soft, like did not refuse.

  To this end he busy without touching the ground, even water are too busy to drink, it will not be very troubled juvenile white hair!

  In fact, the military is not as Han Zhen think that we all have to feel that he is the father by the host, or a considerable number of people recognized his strength, his admiration.
  The best proof is to transform ‘God machine operators’, the former ‘God machine operators’ acknowledged the strength of even the worst preparation are shaved only five thousand people.But, Han Zhen’s efforts to change everything, not only in two other camps frustrated ‘God machine operators’ before, but the ‘God Machine’ word worthy of the name, there are five thousand light firearms business, it is entirely possible to say that Han Zhen one man to turn things around.
  And he seen excellent reputation in the military misdeeds, strength not bad, many people lamented Yongning Hou successors!
  Therefore palace with ‘Black Flag’ Guards silently on the sidelines of the main Ha深圳桑拿网n Zhen trifled with, even without the backing of Yongning Hou, but also the weight they breathe.And do not look at age, but it is soon to get started Jinjun affairs, everything will be immediately organized regular, will put away his little mind!
  Fear of the army is strong, is seen fist and strength, relying solely on the Great General Hou Yongning name of the first is not to convince them, even if it can be said that Han Zhen their little masters!Today, Han Zhen with their own efforts proved strength, gentle undercurrent rapids also down, at least temporarily accept this Han Zhen Guard command!
  Hou in Yongning been ready to sit on the sidelines when preparing for his son’s act, even if it is his most valued Han Zhen’s son, if he did not have the ability to restrain this position, he was never a helping hand extended!
  Instead, he is more likely for a person to re-up, not on北京夜网ly Han Zhen know the importance behind, he attaches equal importance to the rear stable.The original intention was to remain a trusted generals who suppress dissent, but Han Zhen’s performance to his surprise, compared to others of their own natural son is more reassuring, but the premise is able to control all Han Zhen.Otherwise, the capital will be guarded inside and outside the power handed the hands of Han Zhen, is no different from children to hold large amount of money in the downtown, anti-trick scourge!
  Han Zhen handled in seeing ease the way, Yongning Hou quite satisfied with his son really did not let him down!However, he left a helper to Han Zhen, Xiao Lang is responsible for Beijing in Anshao intelligence, with the dawn of help in Lanna, presumably to grasp the situation of the capital.
  Time passes quickly in the busy, up and down the capital are aware of the army set off, three days before the official start, Yongning Hou finally returned Houfu!
  This is the last reunion before the expedition, Yongning Houfu this particular person to get together, even Laohou Ye also came out to face and son drank three glasses of wine.After all, the generals who do not want to cross rivers and mountains Ge flew recover?But ‘Zuiwo battlefield Jun Mo laugh, ancient expedition a few people back’, who is not to take life to fight on the battlefield, Laohou Ye inevitably sad!Stop drinking alcohol, staggered back yard!
  This day married a Hanmin Lan also returned Houfu, Han Minlan a year ago to marry her mother away from home Kangguo Gong House.
  Kang Guogong towards the government in Bangladesh is also Weiminghehe, it is the late emperor Emperor Yongping away from home, the family had a queen, but the marriage of wealthy aristocrats.But it unexpectedly low-key, the increasing prevalence of power and influence in Yongping emperor when this had been helping his family chose retired from drowning in the upper elite in the capital.
  But in rebellion after the king, after the emperor died Yongping series of things, but the family did not accidentally implicated in many family capsize did not lag behind, but has been survive.
  Han Minlan to act as a matchmaker could not have been older will not marry, although this old lady granddaughter marriage is concerned, and others chose to make her look twelve phase.Among them Kangguo Gong House, Hoon your little circle, a few people are able to choose and pick up the initiative is Hanmin Lan Kang Guogong House of Prince!
  As Yongning Di Hou only woman, even if she was not his father’s love, there are still many people willing to catch on to marry her, after all, marry her and on behalf of Yongning contact with Houfu!
  This is Han Minlan own will, after all, and Hanmin Lan and Kang Guogong House with a layer of affectionate kinship, will not be thin to be married, the wife of 无可无不可 also agreed!
  Older girls would get married, Han Minlan own fancy, then get married right!

  Who knew a man in here it is.

  ”I let you get out.”Opposite man has snapped up a warning, it seems extremely dislike someone breaks into his space.
  ”I’m sorry.”Nan Fei Yu apologized loudly, then glanced out the window, pushed open the door and went out quickly.
  Rain is still very large, but now with the Chengdong Yu Zhong Mou should have been up to the mountains, so she wants to look quickly in the past.
  The original owner’s memory, although Chengdong Yu fell off a cliff, but not dead, three days after a seriously injured person was rescued way home.
  After he woke up, even with Ling said he did not know child fell off a cliff, this time his heart had saved up of revenge, it is doomed after the tragic outcome of Ling-known children.
  But now this body was replaced by the South Fei Yu, she will certainly not let Chengdong Yu trouble, but also seek to pay for bell.
  At the prompt zero ninety-nine of South Fei Yu quickly came to the cliff edge, but the bell has gone to seek.
  ”Nearly, Chengdong Yu below it?”
  ”In the life index stable.”Zero ninety-nine answer.
  ”Really is a hard life.”Nan Fei Yu feeling something, asked,” zero ninety-nine, how I want to go?”
  Heidengxiahuo all around, the rain has a stop, her hand flashlight light has weak down.
  ”There is a path to the left, be careful you can go.”
  After spending a full half an hour, just to t都市夜网he south Yu Fei Yadi, faint faint □□ came, she quickly went over.
  ”help me.help me.”The boy’s face a blood-red mouth unconsciously called to.
  But, he saw the eyes of South Fei Yu, the entire people have trembled violently, struggling to leave her, Heimou all anger and hatred.
  ”Villain.Get out.”
  ”do not move!”Nan Yu Fei low shouted, his hand to his shoulder,” You do not want legs yet?Dare tamper with?”


  In addition, the New Year’s Eve and the first day that two days stay updated assessment of the little angel has issued a red envelope, check me, leaky remind me know, I reissue.

Chapter 158 ultra-fierce Gangster
  Any who did not think, should have a place in a split!
  Lengjian fast, when the flow of杭州桑拿 micro Zhu fingertips, it has been near the.
  Jiang Rou only feel the breeze hit back of the head, she looked up, it is clear from the stream Zhu eyes saw coming towards his direct Lengjian!
  Jiang Rou simply ignorant, but to stay there reaction.
  ”Whoosh” coldness flashing arrowheads spirit awe-inspiring, ginger Rou has felt the tingling scalp.
  ”Pop” into the body Lengjian!
  Jiang Rou blinked back leached layer of cold sweat.
  She touched the fluffy oblique bud hair, hair loose, soft hair ray ray to 杭州夜网论坛hang down, softly draped over the shoulders of the little girl, let her a little more milk gas.
  And that support this time Lengjian tie in impressively large shoulder Ng!
  Arrow deep flesh and blood, barbed arrows also severely stuck on the bones, simply can not pull out.
  Wu is also very large ignorant, he totally did not expect this calm was actually towards your.
  Tearing dull pain spread up his back two steps, hold on to his left and right guards quickly.
  Jiang Rou push lightly down the hair, lingering fear.

Qu  Ningge  Hong Qi Qi  Yangburenfu Jijulianshui Xinxichouhua Ma Siaiwanyi  TOWER?


绗?8 Ku?Holmium holmium fall  Man Weng wipe dirt Hou still water  Zhong


Luang  Nou prostitute ¤ Cai Ying Yaojingdingzhan 棶 Benwuchengma fine Yu Tu Kuayingyueqiang  Feijuanyiwei Bao苏州桑拿 ǔ Huan Xi Wang Luodiaorenrou  Lianguizhoubi Feng San TOWER?



  Lin Yanping does not feel like a flood of compassion people, many times he handles foundations, are very calm attitude uphold.

  But when you see a child or children who live in the shadow of domestic violence, etc., or lost loved ones living in the orphanage, as well as those in poor areas, he always felt he should do something.
  He actually think this problem for a long time, with their own preferences and strengths, and finally the results were very good, he is chosen to apply for central shadow.
  At first heard about this, when many teachers are optimistic about Lin Yanping called to persuade him.
  With Lin Yanping results, I want to be admitted to the best universities in the country there is no problem, and even the provincial champion sprint sprint is possible, who knows what he was thinking, actually choose to apply for central shadow.
  Heng Yu sat next to him, but just ask him: “really decided yet?Or an actor is the star of this road, as you may not think so beautiful, dressed in the same buried behind a lot of things unknown.”
  ”I made a decision.”Lin Yanping and Yu Heng in the eye.
  ”Since then we decided to do it.”Heng Yu nodded, directly called and let Sun Wenhao Lin Yanping booked a ticket to fly empire.
  After a brief account of a few good, Heng-yu hung up the phone, for Lin Yanping and said: “I will let you order two weeks after Royal Park ticket and flew to Wenhao.I will not go with you, but I’ll be waiting for your good news at home.”
  Lin Yanping if they wanted to be a star on the go, as well as one’s life for so long, if there is an error midway find this option, select it to go the other way just fine.
  After all, this road is a consequence of his own choice after, so he must bear selection.
  And Lin Yanping definitely go the other way again the courage and perseverance.
  He paused, Heng Yu asked him: “Do you want a few days off I can help you some special training.”
  She also had standing under the spotlight, enjoying a sought after fans with ease in front of北京夜网 the camera, but the guidance of Lin Yanping participate in arts test is a very simple.
  Big months later, the central shadow of the Arts test came to an end, did not make people wait a long time, Lin Yanping back home a day or two, announced the results of the central shadow.
  Lin Yanping performance category score the highest points score add up first.

  Rokuro yo, visual is really cool.

  Fortunately, this time no one anticipated follow-up thing, just busy distressed Wang family.
  Wang is really miserable, miserable tragic.Since last winter, but now the spring was over, Seeing summer coming up, they are still at home as in the berberine water soak in general, and my heart was blocked not sew, no bitter edges of the.
  ”Gong pig” the issue was not so fast in the past, even though Zhu Shiro brothers once again embarked on a speaking tour of the journey, there are daily in outside people to visit the village of Xiushui “tribute pig”.Of co都市夜网urse, the pig is not open, they do not really want to see a pig, so Zhu will soon be introduced to the other end of the room to see parents coming to a decision of plaque.
  This many people, still there are people who come every day, the village women who were formerly very fond of gossip increasingly be awkward.In particular, they are also quickly found a thing, over and over again the same Che Gulu, originally put no one listened to say a few times, but it may now be in front of people went there every day to beg listen.Really, these gossips gossips really is the first time I felt so welcome, the next happy heart, says the increasingly love.
  It was also helped interpret the heart of the Wang family, tell outsiders, say people like that, made a fortune with outsiders looking at what their own relationships are not, that is up to admire it, or did they just get busy over Minato Look lively fresh.But if the rich are not outsiders but people around it myself?Even, windfall originally the home, but having him abruptly cut Hu of it?
  Who has always been the position of the animal, the one that most people actually follow the fortune to go, thinking he would not such a good thing if the stalls is was flattered?Look at that style plaque, really worthy of a classic reward the emperor down.And contemplating “tribute pig” This thing, how much profit can go back ah!Not to say the immediate interests, and this is simply a good thing for the benefit of future generations king Son!
  You can wait until someone reminded them standing on the Wang family’s position to think about.
  My Mother yo!This psychological gap, far more than great ah, can become a lifelong psychological shadow Nanxiao.
  Own daughter ah, to conceal a skill that is not out, and so on back married, and immediately show their talents for the benefit of her husband.This kind of thing really can not substituting their own, once substituted into the inside, really suffocating.Wang Xiangqin last generation with the words, it is simply missed a one hundred million!
  It was not so simple things tribute pig?This is the ancestral craft ah!
  Imagine, if there is an ancestral home craft, and that future generations really a golden spoon in his mouth at birth.Even if his mind a little something stupid, do not worry enough to eat, children marry all of a sudden high grade up, the whole family will be able to instantly changed, but so.
  As a result, he called the pro-girl brought her husband!!!!!!!!!
  Stimulated by huge foreign people, this thing will be a home to tell family and friends, anyway, not just to make myself a heart stopper杭州桑拿洗浴.Asked their blessing, the old Zhu point out of this thing, is simply radiate outward diffusion state crazy, really do in a short time, a mass 10 10 Fax 100.
  Old Zhu, a daughter developed by family.
  Zhu Shiro, a man by the wife Apprentice.

  After listening to Paul Chun of thanks, Han Yu eyes light cloud dark a bit, but quickly changed the subject, “Now there are segments from a lunch hour, if we do not go to town trip, you see leaving a shortfall of some What, repairing it together.”

  Not before a live feel, and now Paul Chun came, Han Yu cloud just feel too shabby house.
  I think that pitiful kitchen dishes, Paul Chun did not refuse, should the nod.
  Paul Chun looked at him full of patched clothes, Han Yu cloud secretly decided, and so will be sure to give Abhay go to town to buy some clothes.

  ☆, CHAPTER shopping

  Han Yu cloud is naturally reluctant to Paul Chun walk, “You are here, and so, I went to see him at home Liner Shu was not at home, if the mule driver in the car, then let him take us past.”
  Mention of a donkey cart, donkey cart Paul Chun will remember the experience of the last sitting, shook his head, “came back then told the car right, we did not mention about anything.”
  Remember Paul Chun Han Yu cloud seems to motion sickness, just the body also needs exercise.
  Han Yu Yun hesitated, finally agreed.
  Two out of the door and saw that the Medical Center at the corner stood a figure, look to be the man Paul Chun raised an eyebrow, the man was stopped yesterday and she framed her matricide people.
  Xu Rong Paul Chun really unpleasant, Han Yu cloud naturally found Xu Rong, pale eyes off only pretended like they did not see.
  Han Yu cloud this morning with Paul Chun’s marriage was all over Qin village, Xu Rong heard the news, the entire people bad.
  Just slept, how the days are changed?Her deepest desire Yu Yun brother already had his wife?
  Like a peach of Xu Rong eyes swollen from hearing the news, she tears never stopped.
  Paul Chun did not want to bother Xu Rong, Xu Rong eyes just too warm, she felt she could not bear.
  ”Dear husband, I want to buy some clothes.”
  Han Yu cloud startled for a moment, then react, the sound of Paul Chun Xiang Gong is that he, suddenly red ears.Although it is known Paul Chun Xu Rong to do so is北京夜网 to see, but Han Yu cloud still feel very happy inside, “Well, so will we see next.”

  He was a well-informed, omniscient, omnipotent.

  Christina is the dream of Oswald into a fantasy world of beautiful, ornate ceremony, with candles flickering on the waltz melody crystal lamps, eye-catching brilliant sky fireworks, exotic treasures, talented top player, I do not know how long history with antique furnishings, overnight emergence of a large rose garden.
  Everything she had imagined, never imagined, Oswald have achieved for her, changed her li杭州桑拿洗浴fe.
  When uncover his secret dream Christine is shocked, she indulge in the charm of tolerance under Oswald precipitated a long time, and pity he do not die of old lonely.
  She agreed to marry Oswald, became the mistress of the castle.
  Such dreams do over and over again, let Christine believes she will encounter this person, everything will happen dream,
  Her beloved Oswald will come into her life.
  But when she grew up, and after a rite of passage, parents are beginning to look for her engagement with candidates, Oswald did not appear, Christine order not to change the original track has been pretended not to know Oswald when she was now himself, asked the Duke of mystery to parents.
  Her parents cheeky puzzled, to say what had never heard of Duke Oswald.
  Christine by surprise, but not her parents’ ignorance, even if she ventured to ask someone to the count at a banquet, but also get the answer.
  Nothing Duke Oswald, met her dream, love, nothing has happened.
  Christine ill, and her parents for her sudden illness and anxiety, doctors have seen a few times does not work, only Christine know, she is heart disease, as long as the saw Oswald, she to get better.
  After Kristin was sick half a month, one of her friend Nancy came back from the king, I heard she was ill a special trip to visit her, gave her a few in this disease may also pass the time travel notes.
  Nancy said, “These are left before the Bard’s story, is collected and then compiled into a book.”
  Christine less interested in casual rolled, but accidentally shocked to see a familiar name.
  Oswald, outside her dream within a dream all care deeply about the name.
  Friend Nancy to see her so excited, she could not see to turn to the side, clear understanding smiles, “Oswald ah, I read this story.”
  ”Oswald is a legend stolen treasures of mankind siren, but his despicable behavior angered siren, siren evoke fog blocked the crossing of merchant广州桑拿网 ships in the sea, threatening to hand over this abominable human.”
  ”and then.”I do not know why, just a name, I could not help but miss so Christine worried, anxious to know the results later.
  Nancy and interest Road, “to heal the anger siren, when the king sent knights and adventurers, he caught Oswald this despicable villain, gave siren, since then, the sea was calm.”